east whiteland tell west whiteland NO on plans for weston on w. king road!

I am going to plant a seed here: I believe concerned residents of East Whiteland Township need to contact Township officials to make sure they take a position and protect our interests when it comes to the proposed development of the Weston Tract on West King Rd in West Whiteland.

If you are concerned like I am please contact the supervisors and or township manager John Nagel.





In West Whiteland, the emails for supervisors and the township manager Mimi Gleason are:





The reason I say this is quite simple: this development will negatively impact our stormwater management which is already an issue down King Road past the Little League field and beyond? (there are residents who have actually videotaped and followed the water who live on Collegeview.)

It will negatively impact our infrastructure and W. King Rd. is already like a highway. With the addition of over 100 additional high density houses, how long will it take people to get out of side streets? How will people be able to safely cross the road to get to Immaculata? How will Immaculata be impacted?

Then there is the impact to the ecosystem in the area. That has always been a heavily wooded area what happens to the heritage trees and wildlife?

It comes down to how many developments do we need in this area? Also why can’t we move to 2 acre lot minimums to preserve more open space? High density housing is destroying Chester County. And mark my words it will not be sustainable into the future.

Another fact to be considered with development of this site are the pipeline easements. How many pipelines are going through this property dead or alive? And is that creating another issue down the road and don’t we have enough pipeline issues already?

It’s time for East Whiteland Township to step up and not just approve developments and turn a blind eye to developments but to protect the interests of the residents here.

I also encourage any of you who are concerned to send an email to West Whiteland Planning Commission: questions@westwhiteland.org

1 thought on “east whiteland tell west whiteland NO on plans for weston on w. king road!

  1. The area around Great Valley Little League fields is a very active community. On a game day, it’s not unusual to wait for 6-8+ cars before exiting Morstein or Ravine Roads. If that coincides with class changes/ night school at Immaculata University add another 5-7 cars and the volume and speed of people short cutting down Morstein Road is death defying! Add another 100+ cars from a development and we will feel like Exton crossroad!
    We do NOT want another development in our neighborhood! We live here for the rural atmosphere not city congestion! There is historical significance to this property, it was the “main house” of the Lewis Estate, that also included the Schiffer Farm, current Lewis property off Hershey Mill Road, 1514 and 1524 Morstein Road and I think maybe the former Freeman’s property at 1533 Morstein Road! West Whiteland do the right thing and leave some wooded areas standing!!! No we DO NOT WANT the proposed housing project on the Weston property!!

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