what’s up west whiteland?

Soooooo…do the folks in the upscale Malvern Hunt development know about this proposed Uber Cram Plan next door in West Whiteland?

Because if this development happens combined with the crammerific townhouse development next to East Whiteland‘s Bacton Hill Park, “Malvern Crossing”, it sure is going to impact their lives right? And everyone else around here? Wow, just imagine the traffic alone, right?

Would West Whiteland Township care to let us in on what’s specifically up with historic Pickwick, also known as the John Kent Kane Jr. House? Will that historic house be preserved?

But back to the meeting in September that went by with nary a sound and why? For real 344 houses? Adult in description, so essentially another Hershey’s Mill type project? Really “by right”?

That’s a lot of additional development for Swedesford considering the development already in either direction…..




And let’s think about all of the other development happening all over, okay? Lancaster Avenue in East Whiteland, West Whiteland, points west, points east.

For West Whiteland all the development coming to either side of SS Philip and James, either side of Ship Road and development just keeps marching west?

In Chester County east, west, north, or south- development. Think about it, are there any municipalities without development of some kind? I mean I am sure there are, only I can’t think of any.

But back to whatever this is that will replace the rotting ghost houses on Swedesford Road. That’s a LOT. A LOT more stress on infrastructure, first responders, hospitals, schools and so on and so forth.

Just putting it out there. It’s public record. Just pick a municipality. When does it end? When do residents in Chester County stand up and band together and say enough already to development? When do we even just hit a freaking pause ⏸ button?

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  1. I thought I read that the head master’s house is protected by being on the historical register. This is running out of control. What are the answers?

    • No plans whatsoever to tear down this home as it recently had the entire roof replaced! I serve on the West Whiteland Historic Commission and we welcome public participation. Currently all meetings are held via Zoom on the second Monday of each month at 7pm. We are looking for additional volunteers to serve on the Historic Commission too!

      • Well at least one house is being saved can’t say that for the rest of them can we? And I know when your meetings are held and maybe you should be a little more proactive at sharing what you’re up to

      • Would love to share more of what we do! We’re in the midst of updating the township’s historic resource inventory and taking steps to include additional resources associated with the subject properties such as outbuildings and more detailed notes and photos when permitted. Other items on the agenda is further preservation of the Thomas Mill site, creating standards for township historic markers, and finding a home for “The Witch’s Cap” silo top… I’d be happy to talk with you anytime, I love reading your posts. Joe

      • There’s a lady on your commission who knows where to find me. I have covered your things before like when you awarded my friends barn and house renovation an award

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