after the storm: destruction in berwyn (easttown township)

Batholomew Rd.

Last night was a hell of a storm. And no one can say “Oh they are just 100 year storms” or whatever. We are getting these destructive storms out of Mother Nature more and more often. You can thank climate change, you know that thing that no one wants to acknowledge exists?

Personally, I did not get much sleep last night. The storm howled over, through, and around us. The sky was incredibly lit up by lightening and the roaring of thunder.

An Easttown Resident Video: Where is the Stormwater Management??

From my friend Michael:

Storm Water Management

I understand that not everything in life can be prevented. However, 3 Supervisor meetings ago myself and a neighbor specifically complained about storm water management on Bartholomew Rd. Yes, that is where I live. Please allow me to be provincial.

The irony is that the water surge was so strong last night that my neighbor who was with me at that meeting almost had an unspeakable tragedy. A huge tree fell through this house. His son was 3 feet away! The dust was so thick they could not see their way out!! By the grace of God, no one was hurt. The house looks a bomb hit it. I won’t post any photos out of respect for my friend. It looks like a war zone. It will be months before they will be able to live in a home on that land.

Water played a part in this. No more looks of anguish from certain Supervisors. No more “well the water has to go somewhere” comments. No more, “well, it is a 100 year storm”. It isn’t when it happens almost every year. I have no interest in debating why. It is time for action. There is simply too much water flowing down my street. I believe the construction on Waterloo has made it worse. It was a river last night. Yes, we still would have had flooding even with better management.

Let’s focus on preventing people from dying. This one was a close call. We need action on this issue.


I know personally what it is like to have a tree come down on your home. We experienced it during the ice storm of 2014. A tree literally came within inches of my husband’s head. We got through it, and that is what I am so diligent with tree work (a conversation for another day, but also important.)

Because I know what it is like for a tree to come down like that, every time there is one of these storms, right or wrong, I kind of hold my breath until they pass. Last year the Derecho wind storms wreaked havoc in Chester County including all around where we live.

Stormwater management is something I feel most municipalities pay lip service to. They are more interested in salivating over ratables. Easttown is just one of the local Chester County Municipalities playing fast and loose with the well being of residents by just approving development after development willy nilly.

Water during these storms has fewer and fewer places to go. That is just reality. Which means our municipalities NEED to pay attention to density and for what they are approving, the stormwater management needs to be substantial.

Richards Road Last Night. Berwyn Fire Company Photo.

Last night’s storm also produced at least one sinkhole. Berwyn and Midland Avenues. Adjacent to a utility pole no less:

Mother Nature will be Mother Nature, but as communities we can do our part to do better. Which is why municipalities also need to pay more than lip service to responsible development as well as stormwater managerment. Below are snippets of video also from Berwyn and a couple of photos. I guess I am kind of wondering why the construction site was seemingly unprepared to deal with runoff? I know this was a big storm but still…

Get well soon, Berwyn.

3 thoughts on “after the storm: destruction in berwyn (easttown township)

  1. Wont get any arguments from me. All the over building, drilling, shaking of earth, clearing of trees is so counter productive. No one is willing to stand up in these commission meetings and say enough is enough. The beauty that God has given us has been torn down, ripped up, eradicated all for $$$. I want to throw up when I see all the apartments going up. Who are these people moving into what was once bucolic and country. If you build them they will come.. That’s the developers mantra. And who can afford these rents??!!! Boy, there must be great paying jobs out there. I am so fed up with this whole state of affairs all over the country. These townships need to come up with a whole new code of ethics and implement some new protective rules. Maybe we could begin with new laws regarding tree cutting.

  2. I want to thank you for posting these materials and for your ongoing work connected with Berwyn “problems”. I, for one, am dismayed by the construction. It’s a shame that Berwyn is moving from its village status.

    Thanks Again,
    Bernie Gallagher

  3. Well said, Leah & Bernie! We have so much building happening everywhere and little no regard for how to handle rainwater and snow melt that used to be handled by trees and ground. So, so stupid. One of my best friends from Ellicott City, MD got hit twice by flooding that could not have happened 20 or 30 years ago – until all of the development paved over the land.

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