verizon, can you hear me now?

So remember a couple of weeks or so ago when I wrote about this tree on the wire near the Home Depot on Phoenixville Pike in Frazer, Pennsylvania? In East Whiteland.

It had been reported twice to PECO and after this post appeared someone from PECO reached out to me to let me know that it is actually Verizon wires that fallen tree is sitting on. They told me at that point in time that they had told Verizon about it, and essentially Verizon did nothing. PECO had gone out to the site to inspect it, and then notified Verizon.

Now I do not believe I am incorrect in saying that if it had been PECO‘s problem they would’ve had that tree removed weeks ago.

I know East Whiteland Township has been in contact with Verizon as well. They have had no luck thus far with Verizon.

This morning I heard back from Senator Carolyn Comitta‘s office. They finally pushed and had Verizon go out and look at this. And guess what? Verizon doesn’t see a big tree dangling on their wires not attached to the ground in anyway as a problem.

Can you imagine if we said to Verizon we didn’t feel like paying our bills right now? they would have absolutely none of that. Yet when it comes to actually doing something for people who use their services and people that just drive by something potentially unsafe every day, they don’t give a crap.

Verizon is kind of like Energy Transfer aren’t they? They just want to make money, they don’t really care about anything else.

The thing is eventually that tree is going to hit the road so will it take down wires? Will it hurt people? And if the wires snap how many people who are Verizon customers inconvenienced?

This reminds me of years ago when Verizon was first rolling out FiOS. They were putting up those beige boxes that had FiOS stuff in it on poles everywhere. They put one at the then end of my driveway where I lived before moving to Chester County. My driveway was on a slight curve, which made it difficult with the box where it was placed to get out of the driveway safely. It literally blocked sightlines. It literally took weeks to just get them to come out and move their stupid box a few feet up their pole. And at that time it finally took the intervention of the State Senator where I lived to get it done.

Calling Verizon as a consumer is a time consuming and frustrating process. Much like their competition Comcast. You can barely if ever get a real person on the phone. They should be accountable. They should take this tree down.

Verizon do what’s right. For once. Stop being a potentially negligent POS of a company.

3 thoughts on “verizon, can you hear me now?

  1. Ok, I really had no idea that there was a separation of power lines!
    And something should be done!

    You wrote: Can you imagine if we said to Verizon we didn’t feel like paying our bills right now?

    We need 50…no…500 ..MORE! We need thousands of people to get involved and write to Verizon “We don’t feel like paying our bills until you take down the trees hanging from your power lines!”

    (Well, it’s certainly not Arlo but Thank Alice and Arlo anyway)

  2. Trees are nothing. Be concerned that 5g small cell towers are being installed all around the area.. schools, churches, restaurants, etc.. everywhere you go. That is the bigger problem. Radiation cocktail anyone?

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