school is coming back and so are the stepford wives for totalitarianism starting at 8/22/22 tesd school board meeting.

You know these people are just incredible. I don’t mean that in a positive sense. The Stepford Wives for Totalitarianism just seem to keep ramping it up. And for what? So they can now make every school year going forward as unpleasant as possible?

What I would like to know is when are school districts going to start counter suing them for the money they are wasting with all their crap at public meetings and their unfounded litigation?

The video snippet above was on MSNBC. And it just sort of boggles my mind that they consider if you have an alternative lifestyle choice or are exploring that that you are in the equivalent of special needs and should be segregated from the rest of the population. It appears they think kids who might be exploring different things including their identity and sexuality should be in the equivalent of an educational leper colony. I will be amused to see how this theory works out when they discover some of their kids are those kids. And there’s nothing wrong with kids exploring who they want to be and who they are since that’s what every kid does growing up right?

Closer to home they are starting with the Tredyffrin Easttown School Board Meeting which is going on this evening. I am going to post all the screenshots I received and their email address in case you want to contact them. And remember people, that Scary Sarah Marvin running for State Representative in the PA 157th is among these people.

The TESD school board meeting is this evening August 22 at 7:30 PM at Conestoga High School at 200 Irish Road Berwyn, PA 19312.

So these are the people who are basically against everything and vaccines. They want all vaccines to be optional. You know, polio anyone? Yet they want to be in the public schools? Why don’t they just homeschool their kids?

With these people, the only rights that matter are theirs. The only opinions that matter are theirs. It’s time to stand up to these bullies and send them packing so I hope people pack the meetings. They are not more important than us. And wowza am I glad I have no kids in any school district , although all of us taxpayers are paying for their collective bullshit and I have a problem with that.

These people or a big bowl of wrong.

2 thoughts on “school is coming back and so are the stepford wives for totalitarianism starting at 8/22/22 tesd school board meeting.

  1. So it LOOKS (based on screenshots of the TESD Update) like TESD says it does NOT use CRT…but the PEG materials are largely CRT-based?

    Did TESD have to buy the whole package and pick the pieces it will use, or is the curriculum all of a piece? (Why would we spend money on materials we wouldn’t use?)

    Honestly, I am all for transparency in curricula, particularly in contentious subject matters. As you note — the parents have the right to homeschool (or take advantage of the myriad private school options) in our area.

    • CRT exists but it doesn’t exist in elementary schools and high schools. It is taught I believe as part of law school classes. I’m told how it’s taught at graduate school level is very specific.

      And as far as packages, they seem like they’re comprehensive and cover everything. Doesn’t mean a school district is using CRT etc. and they are being pretty transparent and if you don’t think they are I would say contact them and see what they say if you don’t like what they say or you don’t think it’s comprehensive enough you can send it to me I will publish screenshots. But I also think these groups are just harassing the crap out of school districts and we’re all paying for it.

      Based on my own research I think this group cherry picked information out of a larger presentation and they presented it in a way to misinform and bend the narrative to their misbegotten issues.

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