where’s the poop….in willistown?

Where’s the poop? Why right here (see screenshot above.) “If I was a supervisor” he says? But he’s not, is he? Nor is he on sewer, is he? He’s on septic while trying to control the flow of township poop in Willistown, right? (https://www.willistownsewer.org/ )

He is the Willistown website guy for sure. He is also the “Walkable Willistown” guy. (See https://www.walkablewillistown.org/ ) Think about this pretzel 🥨 logic for a second: he would be O.K. with miles of concrete (impervious surfaces) which would mean removal of heritage trees and possible land takings, but sewers are bad and he thinks magically ALL septic users would be strong-armed into sewer lines? That is a fallacy. Someone taking over a municipal sewer system doesn’t mean all septic systems go away, are banned, or whatever. It just means the sewer changes hands, doesn’t it?

Pretty ludicrous so far, right?

The other thing is why does anyone think developers need sewer lines as an excuse to develop? Also ludicrous, because he’s kind of got it twisted (shocker, I know, right?) The development is already here, isn’t it?

Development causes stresses on infrastructure. Infrastructure includes where the poop goes (other than on his posts, of course), otherwise known as SEWER and septic, right?

It’s kind of See Spot Run basic.

Also See Spot Run basic? The fact that Willistown residents need to do their own research and not depend on the local version of fake news, AKA this guy.

Again, state laws protect utility companies like AQUA and that is WHY they can jump rates willy nilly.

Again, local zoning is guided by the State Bible known as the Municipalities Planning Code (MPC.) The MPC has not been comprehensively updated since the late 1960s, early 1970s (I forget which.)

State elected officials (State Senators and State Representatives) are the ones who need to change the laws and update the MPC.

So while Spot is running all over the Internet with fake news and around town designing nasty street signs, perhaps Spot might wish to talk to State Senators and State Representatives to try and solve the underlying issues which if corrected might help slow the roll of development stressing infrastructure causing municipal sewer sales and big companies buying sewer systems and price gauging residents? Just a thought…

So Willistown if you really want to fight the good fight , maybe don’t hitch your wagons to those with personal agendas? I mean it’s kind of interesting when the same people seem to drive issues in a community year after year, isn’t it? Oh and make sure you keep your backyard chickens ( https://www.palegalads.org/journals/pdf/592_Law_Reporterv68_Issue44.pdf and https://www.willistown.pa.us/Calendar.aspx?EID=458 ). close, right?

Some poop you just can’t make up.

Buy Spot some toilet paper.

Verbal diarrhea makes the world go round, doesn’t it? And here I used to think West Vincent and West Whiteland were the most amusing municipalities to watch. Pshaw, they’ve got nothing on modern day Willistown.

Ciao ciao. Until the next scintillating poop-centric Facebook post appears. Some poop you just can’t make up….Spot undoubtedly sees me as free advertising, well I see him as popcorn worthy entertainment in the made for Lifetime TV movie or Bravo Reality show that Willistown has become.

6 thoughts on “where’s the poop….in willistown?

  1. Harping on changing the laws only adds frustration to the situation. We will NEVER get enough votes in the legislature to change those municipal codes. And the laws were recently written to give corporations like Aqua the ability and incentive to purchase our utilities/assets. So it is actually going in the wrong direction, not the one you might hope for. In fact there is legislation pending to encourage municipalities to sell their water treatment systems. If you think privatizing utilities is a bad idea, maybe write about that too!!. You choose to write about a boogey man in this scenario, but I choose to focus on the reality of where we are currently, and how we got here. Peter didn’t vote for this bad decision. The supervisors did, and they have not been transparent as to why they did or what they plan to do now that they know the township is opposed to their decision. The community has spoken, and will continue to speak, and assert our first amendment rights to protest the government. We are angry, and not at Peter. He is the messenger. He is on the side of the fixed income residents in our township (not everyone lives on a 20 acre horse farm) who cannot afford to have their sewer rates double. Peter has taken the time to talk to the residents, about many issues, and good for him for making that effort. Quite honestly it is more than the supervisors do, unless they are imminently up for re-election. Don’t shoot the messenger!!

    • I think you’re ridiculous at this point. If you don’t harp on the laws that need to be changed to permanently correct the situation than what in the Sam Hell are you doing there, Lani? If you don’t change the laws then this will keep happening.

      And for you to say that that anti-chicken pro tree killing cement sidewalk anti-sewer guy on a septic is to be excused and pardoned is unconscionable! The fact that you cannot see that this man is using all of you and is saying things about good men that borders on actionable shows that your moral compass is seriously bent. If you get in bed with the devil my dear, you will live in hell.

      And I think with some of you you think first amendment rights are subjective. I’m not supposed to speak my mind but so many are supposed to scream and shout and curse at meetings? Oh ok.

      And no your messenger didn’t vote to sell the sewer but what he’s doing is even worse. He is destroying a community. And you have such tunnel vision that you cannot see it. So again when you lie down with the devil, you live in hell you will reap what you sow and I will be around to say I told you so. He is talking to people and misrepresenting situations and skewing and stretching his version of the truth which is making people angrier. You are essentially saying that someone who is fomenting hate and inciting people to literally riot is a good person and my God how screwed up is that?

      Oh and did I mention you live in a Toll Brothers development which contributes to the stressors on the infrastructure. And you throw around things like mentioning somebody lives on a 20 acre farm. You don’t live on a 20 acre farm so according to your logic, if someone owns land and their family has for generations they are bad people. You sound bitter and jealous.

      Another thing is there will always be people on the face of this earth that have more money than you and less money than you. On either side of that issue it doesn’t make people bad people.

      I am not going to continue to be your free platform for nonsense. So if you have something value added to the conversation, by all means add something valuable. But telling me somebody with obvious anger issues and creepy behavior is OK is nuts.

      And it’s saying behavior like that is OK that will continue to make me lose interest in your side of the issue and I also am thinking credibility is starting to wane.

      • Carla
        I was angry about this sale long before Peter got involved. I do not travel to the beat of his drum. I’ve done my own research and understand the situation completely. I have contacted my representatives but quite honestly they won’t do anything that can help my current township situation and likely wouldn’t because they all take money from Aqua. I’m not naïve I know how these things work. You points out that these municipal codes have been on the books for 30-50 years. They are not going to get better!! And I don’t personally have the energy to fight a futile situation when there are so many more pressing issues to fight. So if Peter wants to drum up awareness of a local issue I support that. I support anyone raising issues. Like Rock Hill Farm. I’m glad the residents are paying attention. We weren’t paying attention when our supervisors voted to sell our asset. That is what I am focused on. And the residents on the sewer who are on fixed income cannot afford to pay double for their sewer. Those on horse farms are not for the most part on sewer and their rates will not increase but they might benefit from the sale if the supervisors use the proceeds to put into the general fund.
        I don’t know why you think I’m ridiculous to continue this dialogue with you. I’ve been respectful of your opinion. Why do you continue to defend the supervisors? This is not about them as individuals but they acted on behalf of my township and in my opinion made a big mistake. They should own up to it and refocus their efforts in helping us stop the sale.

  2. First, I am not a Willistown resident but take an interest in what is happening in an adjoining township. I actually did a little work during the last election there. Nothing big. Just lit drops but it is more than most do. OK, so I am going to comment on this whether some like it or not.

    I watched the tape of the recent Supervisor’s meeting in Willistown. I would understand the venom if a vote was upcoming and Bill and/or Bob had nice things to say about Aqua. However, the vote occurred years ago. Bill indicated that they tried to get out of it but cannot. I even understand being mad now. I just do not understand what they expect the Supervisors to do now. Contractually, they are committed. They will lose a court battle as well. Yes, I agree that this was a mistake. I suspect they didn’t have all the information years ago and it is clear they are sorry about the vote. Even the lady on the Board (I don’t know her name) agrees that there is nothing the Board can do. I assume she was elected in 21.

    I find the “we will NEVER change it at the state level” comment to be pure defeatism. Yes, you will NOT change it in time for Willistown. That much is clear. I also despise the fact that not only will residents pay for the system use and repairs but will also be forced to pay for Aqua’s taxes and profit margin. Again, what does yelling at the Supervisors actually accomplish? There are people who contend to be knowledgeable about politics locally. Well, start a movement statewide. Make US more powerful than Aqua. This means you tell elected Democrats and Republicans at the state level that you are watching how they act and will hold them accountable.

    I was told almost 3 years ago by someone who held a political position in Easttown that the give away zoning regs here were well thought out and would not be altered to please the few. Well, they have been altered. It wasn’t easy and did not happen overnight but it most certainly happened. Yes, it is more difficult at the state level. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be pursued.

    As a registered Dem, I will say that I was appalled at the insinuation that Bill S was owned by Aqua over a $250 donation that, in the end, didn’t even happen. I know he is a Republican but that in of itself means nothing to me. The fact that Bill owns a lot of land should not be in the equation at all. Let’s just stick to the facts. If the people of Willistown wish to vote him out the next time he runs then so be it. They can make the vote on Aqua an issue. That is fair game. I might point out that they had a chance to do so in 2021 but reelected him.

    If I were to employ a classic “whataboutism” distraction technique, I might mention that in West Whiteland a sitting Dem Supervisor was literally caught attempting to individually authorize additional compensation to an outgoing township manager. That action was stopped. I might also mention that no elected Democrat in this county seems that concerned over it. I won’t go there though.

    In the end, the strategy here seems flawed at it’s core. I do not know “Peter” but he seems to have an agenda that goes beyond just this issue. Perhaps I am wrong. Again, I do not know him. I suggest altering this strategy because it won’t work. Plain and simple. If people are intent on attacking Bill’s character, they better make very certain they have all their ducks in a row. I also do not know Bill personally. If this were Rock Hill then I could see the strategy of working the Supervisors but people still need to be careful not to make unfounded accusations. I know this matter is in court now but when it comes to contracts, I doubt it will be overturned. I do not see a Judge doing that based on the anger of the community. It is too bad the residents were not involved sooner on this issue. It seems as though very few attended meetings even though this was advertised. Perhaps the outcome would have been different had people spoke up sooner.

    It is past time to get our State Reps and Senators onboard with this issue. Put our energies into something where we can make a difference. Stop with the defeatist attitude of thinking nothing can ever change. We can make a difference if we all come together. Maybe even find agreement between Democrats and Republicans on this issue since I find it hard to believe that anyone wants to be subject to onerous fees. Lobby the pols to have a statewide authority assume control. Yes, it isn’t easy. Most things in life are not. The issue of irresponsible development is clearly linked to this issue. We also need MPC reform.

  3. Let me add that “the vote occurred years ago” was not quite accurate. I think it was just a couple of years back.

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