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I can’t take credit for this. I was having a conversation with a friend of mine this morning, and this came up.

Elections are coming and we get the government we deserve.

What does that mean? It’s pretty simple actually.

There are plenty of bad candidates on both sides of the aisle that shouldn’t be elected to any level of elected office. But people talk a good game, and then they don’t go to the polls. Or they vote how they are told by their particular political party.

If you want better government, we need balance. And in order to get balance, it means you can’t depend on political parties (and candidates) shoving sample ballots, even illegal sample ballots under your nose, you have to do your own research.

So do your own research. And if a politician sounds too good to be true a lot of the time they are and then there are the charlatans. I won’t mention any specific charlatans, but you know I have a couple in mind. (They are Chester County Republicans.)

And if you are a Democrat in Chester County one of my favorite charlatans is named Charlotte. Charlotte Valyo who is the current bad chair of The Chester County Democratic Committee. Now the irony is that they have this thing on their website:

We’re fired up and ready to go! We’re your friends, family and neighbors who are empowering voters and grassroots supporters. We’re fighting for a brighter future for all Americans, and organizing in every corner of our great county. Join us!

~ Chester County Democratic Committee

And yes, at present I am a registered Democrat. However, that above is a large load of happy horse shit. They only want you to do what they want you to do. They don’t want grass roots. They don’t want independent candidates they don’t even want current elected officials who are independent minded ….and yes Charlotte we KNOW what you’re up to.

The Chester County Democratic Committee also now that they are the party in control of the county seems to specialize in dirty tricks, especially in primary season, but you have to pay attention all year long. And I think what needs to happen is you need to cut off the head of the snake and get rid of the deadwood that is still hanging around that are former snakeheads that have been cut off. So Charlotte and others need to go.

And I’m not letting the Republican Committee of Chester County off the hook either. On their website they proclaim:

Making the rights of life, liberty and 
the pursuit of happiness a reality for all.
~ Republican Committee of Chester County

So the Chesco GOP is all for rights, but they support the rights of people who think our rights are subjective. They have committee people who are constantly promoting incorrect conspiracy theories on the Internet. They cater to extremism groups and they don’t vet their candidates and they can’t even find good candidates. So half of the reason I can’t support a lot of their candidates even if I was a Republican, is I do not feel that my inalienable rights are subjective.

INALIENABLE RIGHTS. All persons are born free and have certain inalienable rights which include the right of pursuing life’s basic necessities, of enjoying and defending their lives and liberties, of acquiring, possessing and protecting property and of seeking their safety, health and happiness in all lawful ways.

We are a country designed on a two party system. This whomever gets all the toys wins is not working for anyone. And the way the Chesco Dems are acting while in control is the way the Chesco GOP acted when they were in control.

So how do we the literal people win? Do your homework. Check out candidates on your own and remember off year election cycles are important because it lets starter politicians you don’t want in office anywhere get in the door of local school districts via school boards…you know like the fake professor in the DASD? (Gosh what pejorative term will he attempt to attach to me this week for mentioning but not mentioning him? Can’t wait!)

Don’t be afraid to split your ticket because as a country, we were designed as a two party system and until we achieve balance, we are going to continue to achieve free fall.

Do your homework. If any of us continue to vote the way we are “told“ we all get what we deserve. Dare to be different. You don’t have to tell anyone. They don’t have hidden cameras watching you fill out your ballot or when you’re in the booth.

Happy Monday.

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  1. I’ll posit a theory that may explain why some federal , state, and local officials are lamenting why the federal government isn’t getting “Credit” for its economic achievements. It has to do with state and local government’s role in being the delivery mechanism for the federal funding. We can’t have a conversation about infrastructure without funding. And we can’t talk about the Chesco prison neglect without funding. And we can’t talk about local funding without understanding what those sources of funding are, what they were designed for, and how they were designed to be implemented. Property tax is the big one.. The other significant one is the EIT. There are fees as well. All – with their distinctions – both legal and political..

    We’re now at the precipice. Took about 30 years to get here. I’d say the last 15 it picked up more. And then of course, what we’re dealing with today. The last 7 even more acceleration toward divided government. My fellow engineers and math folks will see the natural hashing progress of continually dividing in half..and thus the measure of half-life.

    We’re in the moment now..of where there’s much, much less margin for error . And as each day ticks off, whatever half-life is remaining, it may pickup its pace toward a downward decline.

    I’ve lived here for 33 years.. it’s been our home, raised our kids, it’s been great. Ditch the labels… Look around you… The 24 election will be affected by the 23 election..because the chief election officers are up for election (the Commissioners). How many people actually know what the commissioners are responsible for? How much they make? How well they perform their job? The same goes for your township and school boards. I don’t care whether somebody is labeled R or D. I care about two things. A. what they stand for and B: their ability to objectively persuade me. Both require voters to THINK..and take responsibility for their vote. And if you lied to get my vote, shame on you..

    This place is rotting beneath our feet because we keep too many in office, too long, that don’t do what they say. Josh Maxwell was that bright-eyed young Downingtown Mayor. His service as a commissioner has been much less distinguished. Just matching up that rhetoric. I think these local establishment D’s seem to think that not being MAGA is a cast vote for them.. Uh..the R’s won State Treasurer in 2020…

    This place is rooted in ticket-splitting. It’s a private, very private thing. I’ve known the hardest of R’s..that voted for a D – because they were friends. Period..end of story. We all know these people. Folks around here are itching for an R’s they can vote for. McCormack will be that R… Especially after what the CCDC and certain D row offices are doing to harm the D brand.

    Not saying anything that folks don’t already know. But if you vote for this nonsense, you get the gov’t you asked for.

    Want to make a statement… find a place to write somebody in…Maybe for no other reason that #’s are so close in some places, and incumbent can be knocked out..fairly and squarely at the ballot box. That’s democracy… using the only voice a voter has.

    I have identified a few places where this could work…;-) We’re always subject to government.. We have to live and work with it. It’s best when government sees that as a two-way street. That’s the bargain. We rely on political parties to be the “Librarians” if you will… to coalesce, qualify, sort through, and endorse candidates. Neither the RCCC or the CCDC are doing a good job of this. I do know that in both orgs, there are some good people. One has more than the other. But both are subject to influence that isn’t in our community’s best interest.

    We just need people of good will. Everything else will take care of itself if there are people of good will, that can deal on the level, that aren’t in it for themselves, but for the honor of service – for the betterment of the community…which themselves will benefit from. But..if whom you need to benefit is outside the community, then why? That’s what we’re doing in Tredyffrin at least $6,000,000 to other municipalities a year. Why do we do that? The same reason why we haven’t had a county-wide reassessment on property taxes in 31 years… Because elected officials aren’t doing the job for which they were elected.

    And if you’re one of those “No taxes under any circumstances” or if you think that’s a sound campaign platform, then you’re a child.. and you do childish things. You’re not serious. And what’s required here are serious people….

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