just. too. much. development.

Development in West Whiteland – Route 30 to Ship Road and down both sides of Ship Road. Bad, dense, not even particularly affordable- just another bunch of Tyvec wrapped cram plans.

The development from various predatory developers in this area heads east until it practically hits East Whiteland. Then you proceed to Easttown and Tredyffrin all the way down to Radnor Township.

Too much, too dense, cheap, fast build and rather pricey. Nothing affordable. This is stressing our infrastructure including the human variety, and squeezing our school districts to a breaking point.

Wherever you live get active in your community. Make elections have a focus on all this overdevelopment from local to state to federal elections. Start talking about the Municipalities Planning Code of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It hasn’t been updated comprehensively since 1969…and one of the things that first got built THEN was Chesterbrook.

I put together a small reel. Pictures speak louder than words. Be horrified because progress shouldn’t hurt our communities and that’s what is happening.

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3 thoughts on “just. too. much. development.

  1. Begs the question of whether the underlying incentive is fueled by the fact that there hasn’t been a countywide reassessment in 31 years… Begs a related question on EIT and why municipalities like Tredyffrin where a significant part of the population already pay it, choose to giveaway millions of dollars to other municipalities each year…. It seems to me, our community is being destroyed by politicians who aren’t leveling with the public on what it takes to fund the government. There you go Carla.. a direct line between why the prison is, as it is… and why we need to over develop… We are, for some crazy reason, willingly doing this to ourselves. Take the hard vote for the right reasons. Chesco voters will reward you; for being authentic. Treating government or a party as a private club where it’s about some BS status for your LinkedIn profile, please step aside. Anyone who has lived in Chesco for 25-30+ years, can you honestly say it’s better… All relevant politics is becoming increasingly more and more local..

  2. The same thing is going on in and around Honey Brook….goodby farms, hello ugly Walmart box attached homes and also single family homes. Route 30 in West Whiteland has two huge box developments and the Wawa and more box homes. It is awful! Are these towns only interested in tax money for their coffers? 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

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