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barn 2009So in the fall of 2009, before I lived in Chester County, I got lost on a country road as a passenger in a car and snapped a photo.  I just recently found out I actually know the people who live there now. I thought that was pretty cool and love the way the folks who live there now described living there as being the happy new stewards of the property, not just an owner.

This my friends, is living historic preservation. And it is very, very cool and we need more of it in Chester County, PA and elsewhere. A developer building new plastic Lego developments and calling them “carriage house homes” and other cutesy names doesn’t make them other than plastic Lego boxes.

This barn? The real deal. And rapidly disappearing from our landscape out here.


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  1. I had my art studio and antique shop in a bank barn on Park Ave in Audubon in the 80-90’s…restored it to almost livable condition. Owners now have left the roof go with a big hole getting bigger. They bought the place because of the barn and history. I avoid passing “Blue Bonnet Farm” because I begin to cry, knowing how much love went in to preserving it. In the past week I have seen 3 barns caved in and one being rebuilt. A small amount of hope is still out there.

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