loch aerie photos courtesy of the library of congress

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Who knew? Loch Aerie has her own page on a Library of Congress website.  It’s really cool – please CLICK HERE AND GO VISIT.

The photos except the black and white at the bottom which I took are all old ones taken for that August 1958 study. Only I never saw the photos until someone suggested I check the Library of Congress listing for the mansion. These photos are available to the public courtesy of the Library of Congress.

Even the folks at The Library of Congress thinks this Chester County symbol and gem are special.  See??? #thisplacematters 

132029pv 132033pv 132035pv FIRST_FLOOR,_STAIRHALL_ARCH_DETAIL_-_Loch_Aerie,_U.S._Route_30_(East_Whiteland_Township),_Glenloch,_Chester_County,_PA_HABS_PA,15-GLENL,2-6.tif

And finishing with one of my favorite photos that I have personally taken of Loch Aerie:


4 thoughts on “loch aerie photos courtesy of the library of congress

  1. This I believe was built for 2 sisters by their dad orginally – not sure exactly when, it was rented out over years – one group that rented was a motorcycle group – and there were some problems not sure again what happened after that

    • Actually no it was built in 1865 and those ladies were not born. It was built by Lockwood to sit on top of the 800 acres he had amassed and at one point he wanted to be a gentleman farmer. the two older ladies who last lived in his house were his daughters and I think from a second marriage. Yes motorcycle guys lived in it after Mr Tabas purchased the property. Thanks for visiting and reading!

  2. I wish we would learn about William Lockwood, his paper shirt collar business, his tunnel to the train station, the blue marble quarried on the grounds etc . The motorcycle gang stories do not add to the history so much. You have it correct in the newer post. One member lived there. The rival Del Co “gang” thought it was the Warlock HQ and attacked the house, shot the one member, the police came and the Del Co. group went after the police. Exciting? yes, Historic? not so much!

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