the pipeline destruction of chester county breaks my heart

The ugliness of the Sunoco pipeline takes my breath away every time I see it.

Where there once were trees and beautiful landscapes, all you see is destruction. It’s now a barren, jagged, raped landscape.

I travel down Boot Road, 352, and similar roads and I see the little orange flags that mean what once was someone’s front yard will now be pipeline. I have seen photos all over social media of people’s gardens dying because of what Sunoco has done to the landscape.

Every time you see land that was once graceful and lovely or even just had trees that now has become all jagged and bare and dotted with construction equipment and orange construction fencing you can’t help but wonder how can they not see this? How can they not care? How can our elected officials seemingly not care?

Sunoco has just stomped along and taken what it wants, when it wants, like a big corporate bully that it is. And the people working for them often seem lacking in respect in my opinion for the residents a lot of the time. We all understand that they have jobs to do and families of their own to feed, but do you think they could even be a little bit more considerate where they are parking at times?

Sunoco’s talking heads will tell everyone how they care, but really? Do they think we are stupid? We know they don’t care…..except about their bottom line of course.

It’s like the inalienable rights that we are all supposed to have as US citizens and even as residents of Pennsylvania mean nothing.

And how will we benefit from the pipeline? I don’t think we will and only corporate greed will benefit, correct? How is any of this being done for us?

It would be great if politicians enamored of big gas and big oil would travel the roads and see what we see. Let them deal personally with their land that is part of their home being stolen via eminent domain. (And in my opinion it’s also eminent domain for private gain which is detestable. ) Let these politicians personally deal with wondering if their kids are safe, their first responders are safe, and the drinking water is safe, right? Let them watch their real estate values plummet, right?

So how about it Governor Tom Wolf? U.S. Senator Pat Toomey? Congressman Pat Meehan? Care to walk a mile in the shoes of Chester County, PA and Delaware County, PA residents? Never mind, don’t bother answering we know you don’t care.

This pipeline is a referendum on why we must choose our elected officials on every level better. It might be an off year election this fall but it’s never too early to start. It’s time to clean political house in Pennsylvania.

7 thoughts on “the pipeline destruction of chester county breaks my heart

  1. Wonderful “blog” we need to wake up the people before it is too late. WE must STAND together. One COUNTY we must let HARRISBURG know the PEOPLE of CHESTER say NO PIPELINE. Mni Wicona, WATER IS LIFE.

  2. PLEASE take a picture of what we have to look at every day on Schoen Rd, between
    Hills Seafood on Rt. 100 and Whitford Rd. They have ordered a temporary stop but the fences are 15″ high or higher…and just left to sway in the breeze. When the realtors sold the properties,were they told their yards were not theirs….a 75 yr old agreement every one kept secret?

    • Use a drone to see what’s going on behind fences. Or get a huge Mylar ball on attach camera

  3. It was no comfort to learn that Sunoco had paid individual homeowners for their trees. How can a well established tree that gives beauty and environmental function be for sale like just another commodity? The previously nourishing sights are now gaping wounds that no amount of fencing can conceal. Even if the pipeline is halted today, grievous damage has been done.

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