Dear Mr.Mattia at Keller Williams,

One of my first jobs decades ago was a cold-caller for some high level securities brokers at then Prudential Securities. They taught me that soliciting was an art form.

As a matter of fact, when I did the cold calling equivalent of mailings for them, each letter and each envelope was personalized. You see, it’s bad enough to be solicited by strangers, but somehow the blow is softened if that stranger takes the time to not only personalize the envelope but the letter inside. Makes you feel like you’re more than just a name on a purchased mailing list.

Today we received a solicitation from you. You, apparently, are that friendly neighborhood realtor whom we’ve never heard of. And no, you haven’t sold anything in our extended neighborhood. The envelope was addressed to us personally in all caps and was hand written. Stuffed inside was a business card and a dear occupant generalized letter that wasn’t even personalized to the people you’re soliciting.

I personally hate these kinds of letters from total strangers. I get that you can buy a list anywhere, but Lordy if you want to “earn” the business of anyone maybe try something else.

I find these letters offensive, and that is probably because of the industry I came out of. I’m sure Keller Williams tells you it’s a great idea and a great marketing plan. It’s not. People choose important relationships like this based on references and often personal connections. What you sent out is what people recycle, not retain.

I know a lot of really fabulous realtors in Chester County, and you know what? They work their tails off. They get out there and they meet people. And they do not waste postage dripping drivel on anyone.

Please don’t solicit us again.


6 thoughts on “unsolicited

  1. Wow! Quite harsh of you to call Mr. Mattia out for trying to earn a living. Very judge mental to assume he isn’t hardworking and doing many other things to get business just be he sends you s friendly form letter!

  2. You might consider exploring your childhood trauma and past life trauma to discover what has made you such an angry, mean, vengeful, unhappy person. Having looked through your posts, it is clear how hard you have to work to feel better than other people. You do not have to go on living that way.

    • Dear “Colored Flower” at coloredflowers9@gmail.com with an IP of that is I think in Exton, PA. I had to laugh at your comment. I am none of those things. You just do not like my opinion. And if you looked through EVERY post over multiple years, I feel sorry for you as you have a serious lack of reading comprehension. Thanks for visiting

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