what books are on your coffee table in chester county?

What books are on your coffee table in Chester County?

I can tell you which ones are on mine. Since I moved to Chester County I have added to my library a small Chester County section. And the books on my coffee table specifically are as follows:

100 Artists of The Brandywine Valley by Catherine Quillman.

Speaking for Themselves: The Artists of Southeastern Pennsylvania by Daphne S. Landis.

A Traveler’s Album by Eugene L. DiOrio.

If these books interest you there are a lot of them out there in new/unused and gently used but in very good condition on Amazon and eBay. Also you never know what you will find at Baldwin’s Book Barn 😊

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  1. Any thing Bermuda, Albert Payson Terhune books ( I love collies and shetland sheepdogs), and Colonial Pa. ( Chester and Delaware County). And now for the fun part… my 13 yr. old grand daughter and I spent a couple hours today at the …drum roll please…Baldwin Book Barn.

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