collecting christmas

Everyone who knows me knows how much I love Christmas! Today I went to an estate sale in the rain and found these two lovely little Christmas books in a pile of other things.

These are sweet little books that will sit on a table at Christmas with other Christmas books. They aren’t super valuable, they’re just a nice little addition to my Christmas books.

In 66 days it will be Christmas 🎄

Ho Ho Ho and thanks for stopping by.

what is on your bedside table to read?

So what books are on your bedside table or queued up on your tablet? I love to read so I am never happier when piles of novels await me.

My summer reading so far includes:

The Beneficiary by Janny Scott – as a native Philadelphian you have to be curious.

A Discovery of Witches and the companion novels by Deborah Harkness. I blame these books on the BBC series based upon these books. Great series and the books so far? Awesome!

Wild Fire and the other Shetland series novels by Ann Cleaves. I have been obsessed with the ITV series Shetland for a few years (BritBox on Amazon), so it’s time to dig into the novels.

In Search of Lost Roses by Thomas Christopher. Not a novel but a repeat read about 20 years later. It’s about people who hunt old, antique and forgotten roses. Rose rustlers.

Someone Knows by Lisa Scottoline. Yes a long time Lisa fan girl from way back when she was starting out as a new novelist and I met her a few times at signings at Barnes and Noble in Bryn Mawr (sadly the location is now a drug store.) Back then my mother booked the events and Lisa Scottoline was one of her picks.

Where the Crawdad’s Sing by Delia Owens. I have no idea what I will think but my mother and stepfather both think this is an amazing book!

Let me know what you are reading! I will close that I am also reading gardening books by people like Helen Dillon and Monty Don.

what books are on your coffee table in chester county?

What books are on your coffee table in Chester County?

I can tell you which ones are on mine. Since I moved to Chester County I have added to my library a small Chester County section. And the books on my coffee table specifically are as follows:

100 Artists of The Brandywine Valley by Catherine Quillman.

Speaking for Themselves: The Artists of Southeastern Pennsylvania by Daphne S. Landis.

A Traveler’s Album by Eugene L. DiOrio.

If these books interest you there are a lot of them out there in new/unused and gently used but in very good condition on Amazon and eBay. Also you never know what you will find at Baldwin’s Book Barn 😊

the fortunate ones


So a couple of years ago my childhood (and adult ) friend Karen sent me a copy of her sister- in – law Gayle’s then new-ish novel If I Stay. Yes, that Gayle as in Gayle Forman.

When we moved house, the book got lost. I told Karen that recently and the other day a package arrived. It contained if I stay, Where She Went, and I Was Here.

I just finished re-reading If I Stay. It was just as powerful the second time around. I was struck once again not only of the beauty of the book and it’s power, but how accurate Gayle’s teenage voice was. Reading If I Stay again puts you the reader right back there in those teenage years. It’s amazing, actually. If you haven’t read it, don’t just discount it as writing for teens and young adults because it is so much more than that.

Gayle Forman’s books got a couple of friends and I thinking how fortunate we are. You don’t really get older or even just grow up without going through stuff. You get older, you get baggage, you get the bumps of life along the way, but how lucky are we all to just be alive? We are indeed the fortunate ones.

Given the premise of the book and the accident in a winter setting it also made me think of the tragic and deadly accident on Route 100 on Valentine’s Day that tragically took the lives of two teens out with their family. What happened could have happened to any of us. But for the grace of God go we all.

There is actually a community meeting tomorrow about this. As per The Daily Local:

Calling itself the Chester County Coalition Against Driving Under the Influence, the group is scheduled to hold a town hall-style meeting at the Westtown-East Goshen Police headquarters meeting room on Old Wilmington Pike, south of West Chester.

The object of the meeting is to begin the process to create awareness, change laws, and establish solutions for the DUI issue in the county, according to one of the participants. Those speaking will include WEGO Police Chief Brenda Bernot and West Whiteland resident Kimberly Fellows, the mother of a DUI homicide victim.

Westtown East Goshen Police are located at 1041 Wilmington Pike in West Chester. The meeting starts at 7 pm tomorrow February 19 and Kim Fellows, one of the speakers, is a friend. I am very proud of her for choosing to be a speaker, she is very brave I think.

And GIANT kudos to another lady I have been fortunate to meet and start to get to know since moving to Chester County, the amazing Joy Vining-Crozier for getting this all together and for being a driving force for good here in Chester County. This new coalition is coming together thanks to her goodness and hard work.

These ladies deserve our support. They are angels among us in the flesh.

Now, back to my books. I am looking forward to reading the other two books Where She Went and I Was Here. (Hint hint hint to Chester County Book Company: get Gayle Forman to Chester County for a reading and book signing!)

Thanks for stopping by. Be safe out there. Life is precious

tucked away and ever so awesome

I love books. Real books. And Libraries.  And look what I found tucked away on High Street in West Chester? How cool is THIS? West Chester’s Little Free Library! It is little things like this, tucked in unexpected places, which makes downtown West Chester so truly awesome! I would personally love to see more of these “Little Free Libraries” in other places. What a genius idea!