along 401, say buh-byes to barns and farm fields…and hello to ball fields and park land?

First the barns went…now the land is being leveled out….if it walks like a duck and looks like a duck, it must be a new development?

Sometimes NO and I have never been happier to correct a blog post. (See that’s the thing about putting these photos out there , people will tell you what’s going on.)

This land is being preserved as open space just not a farm anymore. It’s becoming I am told ballfields and a park. I have had someone comment and someone sent me an email which says:

Not development on 401. New ball fields and township park. Elmer White’s farm preserved forever! West Pikeland Township did something right!

Here is what it looked like a few short years ago in 2015:

6 thoughts on “along 401, say buh-byes to barns and farm fields…and hello to ball fields and park land?

  1. Drove up Rt 100 to Pottstown today. New townhouses and apts all the way up. It will not stop.

  2. That property was bought by the neighboring township two or more years ago so doubt it’s going to be developed with houses unless something has changed dramatically that I don’t know about.

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  3. Carla,

    This is all good news. Elmer White’s farm (that you show) was under a development plan for 80 housing units (some carriage, some single family). It was rescued from development by West Pikeland township for use as a township park using the Open Space bond funds. The earth moving you see is to put in some athletic fields. All earth moving isn’t bad, some result in the return of more green grass!

    • I know!!! I just found out and corrected my post! They should have a “coming soon” sign because the initial reason I posted was no one knew what was happening (including folks who live right around there!)

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