penndot responds on king and sproul/352


FINALLY AN UPDATE about the intersection “improvements” at King and Sproul/352 and update. No one has bothered to tell anyone anything in quite a while. Since June to be precise.

east whiteland

Here is the letter on East Goshen Site.

Here is the letter on East Whiteland site.

letter 1

letter 2


September 30th was Monday, so why has it taken this long for the people to be notified and have they even notified the potentially affected residents? I marvel that PennDOT dated the letter September 23rd and it took until September 30th to be received? DO they not also send an electronic copy?

PennDOT needs to define “minor construction” and does that mean any eminent domain land takings?

PennDOT will do this project when exactly and how long will it take?

And if PennDOT is offering to meet with both townships, I suggest that when that occurs the most directly affected homeowners should be present with whatever representation they so choose to be with them.

The municipalities have problematic elected officials and in all fairness, residents need to be there to make sure that in no uncertain terms they understand what PennDOT will be doing.

There is an East Whiteland Supervisors Meeting at 7 PM this evening and there is NO mention of this on the agenda.  I suggest residents go and ask about the letter in person. No time like the present.  Just be polite even if Madam President is not most of the time.  Be the bigger people.

Carpe diem people. Carpe diem.

Here are some screen shots of the intersection as it is now:

king and 352 2king and 352 3king and 352 4king and 352


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  1. Sorry, but the only sentence that’s missing here is “Let them eat cake”. There is more involved here than just expeditious traffic flow (I believe, BTW, that there’s been only one fatality at this intersection–I do not have the ref in front me, so forgive any inaccuracy.). “…the Department is willing to support a signal only solution on a temporary basis…with the understanding that the comprehensive inter-section improvement must be advanced for eventual implementation…” So residents, like it or not, Penndot has the right to take your home, your land, the right to keep you hanging indefinitely as to any actions they will take, REGARDLESS of rights as a private citizen, regardless of any preferences you might have. And all this at an intersection that pales in comparison to what would appear to be far more pressing needs for intersection/traffic improvement at numerous other places throughout EW and Chesco. Considering there is a historic marker commemorating a Revolutionary battle at this spot, the irony is pretty rich and the ending, pathetic.

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