east whiteland have you been over to flat road lately?

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3:30 PM UPDATE: From the chair of the East Whiteland Supervisors Scott Lambert (who like many others is having a hard time posting to Facebook today):

📌The original requirement of the builder was to renovate portions of the wall that had fallen in disrepair and remove a few trees that could endanger the wall in the future. However,with the wall now
leaning badly and in danger of collapse, the builder agreed to rework the wall and replace broken sections to return it to original condition. As with the initial work review the descendants of people buried in the cemetery were consulted as was our engineer and historical commission representation. An agreement with the contractor concerning the scope of the work was also executed.📌


There is a historic cemetery on Flat Road. It seems to be in peril. East Whiteland Township approved a development plan there and wasn’t one of the things supposed to be that this cemetery (which I believe is Amish) would be protected?

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I don’t have the answers. And someone said well maybe they’re doing work on it. And this doesn’t look like work to me this looks like a wall collapse. A lot of these walls do collapse and I saw one not that long ago at a church in Upper Uwchlan and then they rebuilt the wall. When they rebuilt the wall then you could see they were telling people to stay away from it and using caution tape until it was set.

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The other thing to consider is a development is being built next door and vibrations from heavy equipment can affect old structures and that includes walls and headstones etc. doesn’t it?

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I don’t have the answers, but I do know that East Whiteland needs to go look at this. This is literally a historic site, and it matters. #thisplacematters

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Walls fall down. But this is a historic site. So again, something needs to be done sooner rather than later. This is a sacred place. And our historic sites should be as respected as much by municipalities as the developments they constantly approve.

Stay cool it’s so darn hot out there.

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PS: I am adding more photos here at the bottom that were just sent to me by concerned residents!

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  1. Demolition by neglect by developers happens in Hester County more than it should. However, a cemetery and historical site should be maintained. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Most developers have little or no respect for the importance of protecting historical cemetaries, 200 y-o stone farm houses (e.Brandywine Twp), along with other historical landmarks e.g. 300 y.o. Grist mills (e.g. Roger Hunt) and 300 y.o. mill races (e.g. Moore / Downing). It also seems that most elected local municipal governments will look the other way when they realize promises made by developers and others could mean new sidewalks or a new ….

  3. We need Jeff Devlin asap! Nobody better in the Delaware Valley to advise/fix anything of a historic nature made of stone and he resides in Chester County, I believe! I sanded and repainted the wood shingles atop the stone wall surrounding the graveyard of Old St Davids Church in Radnor one summer and I think it took me all summer to complete the job…its a loooong wall around the graveyard!

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