rotting in west whiteland…and completely derelict in appearance….

Two simple photos that speak volumes. They came with a message:

📌It is 2021 and this structure is also still standing and now falling into the local fresh water creek. West Whiteland Township shame on you. Route 100 and Township Line Road.📌

My posting of the (IMHO) dangerous and derelict structure in East Whiteland behind Osman’s Pizza on Route 30 in Frazer and adjacent to the Wawa at 30 and Planebrook has sparked an interesting community conversation. Simply put it is why can these municipalities take such care to approve all of the crazy unwanted development communities do NOT want, yet they seemingly ignore situations like this? I don’t have the answer and I know the process of getting derelict buildings down can be complicated, but maybe people have a point?

2 thoughts on “rotting in west whiteland…and completely derelict in appearance….

  1. It’s stupid people making stupid decisions…or not. It has to be a malady that ALL politicians wind up with.

  2. Felix’s Farm Market was always meticulously maintained when it functioned as a market. It is heartbreaking to see the building in such disrepair. I did contact WWT regarding it last year. Obviously nothing has been done.

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