@eightyeghtkeys Twitter photo.

From @eightyeghtkeys on Twitter. Crazy flooding in Wayne, PA (Radnor Township).

South Wayne Avenue and Runnymede Avenues. Next is a Google shot of the area when it is normal as in not a monsoon:

The water was like that here yesterday too. And we expect more rain and there have been more thunder and lightning.

We are on a flash flood watch and friends tell me that there were crazy straight line winds yesterday in Paoli:

My friend’s photo two hours ago

Charging my phone up at Starbucks. Heard the chainsaw though out the night still no electricity. Not sure what happened but it was a straight swoop from Darby-Paoli to the back of the Paoili Acme. Maybe just high winds but giant trees taken out. Thank goodness no one got hurt as it happened around 5:00pm yesterday.

~ friend post this morning
@eightyeghtkeys photo from Twitter

Yesterday in my neighborhood the water was crazy and some of my smaller trees bent into U shapes, but fortunately did not break. A friend of mine had their tree split in half.

I really wish that municipalities, as well as Harrisburg would look at climate change in action and see how the storm events are affecting us. Because this is yet another reason why development needs to be slowed down. But hey, I’m just a mere mortal and a female.

Stay safe and dry today.

Yesterday my photo

why is historic and rotting lloyd farmhouse in caln not secured?

So I haven’t written about the Lloyd Farmhouse in Caln forever. As you recall, it was also a big story in The Philadelphia Inquirer in 2019.

The Lloyd farmhouse is older than the nation. Caln Township residents are fighting for its survival.

A developer has obtained a demolition permit for the Lloyd family’s 1757 farmhouse.

by Vinny Vella
Updated March 7, 2019

So it is now five days before Christmas in 2022. Nothing has happened except once again, Lloyd farmhouse is not secure. How I learned about this today was from someone whose dog got loose and they went in a panic across the field stopping the dog just before the entrance of the house.

This is not someone who’s been involved with this issue. They sent me photos and videos taken from outside the house asking me if this is the same house I used to write about. And I said yes it was.

So what I want to know, is why Caln Township is looking the other way? This house is for all intents and purposes, a construction site, correct? So legally, isn’t it supposed to be secured?

The inside apparently is more trashed than ever. I’m wondering if the owner of the property is just waiting for me to post something like this or for someone /anyone to post something like this, so they have an excuse to take it down because there’s nothing stopping them from getting a demolition permit?

Except Caln Township, hello? Why is everything look the other way in your neck of the woods? Of course, however, this does give me the opportunity to point out once again how this is a historic resource that is rotting to the point it’s criminal.

Now nothing has been built on the site and it’s been a few years, so is nothing going to get built? I’m guessing given the economy in the way rates have been the answer is nothing is happening right now. And since nothing is happening right now then perhaps the property owner should be securing the property or the township should be doing it for him and sending him a bill?

I also seem to recall that there were supervisors elected that were supposed to help with issues like this? Are they still there? What happens when kids decide to explore over here because you know they will and obviously have been, and what not f something bad happens?

Merry Christmas, Caln residents. This is another fine example of your government at work. And yes, Caln Township I can indeed have this opinion. Just like I can have the opinion that this is still one of the finest examples in Chester County of demolition by neglect. Such a time honored tradition.

Last word? This beautiful farmhouse, which is a prime example of the Chester County style of farmhouses, also predates the American Revolution, and nobody gives a shit. Yeah, you can still see even in this state of disarray her good bones.

rotting in west whiteland…and completely derelict in appearance….

Two simple photos that speak volumes. They came with a message:

📌It is 2021 and this structure is also still standing and now falling into the local fresh water creek. West Whiteland Township shame on you. Route 100 and Township Line Road.📌

My posting of the (IMHO) dangerous and derelict structure in East Whiteland behind Osman’s Pizza on Route 30 in Frazer and adjacent to the Wawa at 30 and Planebrook has sparked an interesting community conversation. Simply put it is why can these municipalities take such care to approve all of the crazy unwanted development communities do NOT want, yet they seemingly ignore situations like this? I don’t have the answer and I know the process of getting derelict buildings down can be complicated, but maybe people have a point?

mail trucks and fog do not make beautiful music together…

mail truck in fogA friend of mine e-mailed me this photo.  Taken on top of Valley Forge Mountain on Diamond Rock Road, about 1/2 hour ago. I hope the postal service worker is o.k. Please be careful out there this evening!

(And yes the person who snapped the photo was a passenger in the vehicle in which they were riding.)

playing chicken to cross the road

DSC_0056I will preface this post with the fact I was a passenger in the car.  I was not driving. I had someone give me grief in another post multiple times because they could not grasp the concept that while I may have been driving, the poor photos taken with my cellphone camera were done when I was STOPPED in traffic, NOT moving.

Last evening we were coming down Goshen Road to attend an event on the Main Line.  As we approached the intersection of Route 252 and Goshen Road, after barely recovering from viewing the incredible savagery that Toll Brothers has inflicted upon the once beautiful DuPont Estate formerly known as Foxcatcher Farm, we noticed the traffic seemed to be in a huge snarl.  It was after all around 5:30 P.M., which in my mind is still rush hour.

This is Newtown Township, Delaware County, by the way.

So we quickly realized the traffic lights to the intersection were OUT. ALL OUT. As in the very major and always busy intersection of Route 252 and Goshen Road. A lot of people almost got hit trying to navigate through this intersection as only a small percentage of drivers were even attempting the “you go, now I go” taking turns thing that you are supposed to do while carefully navigating intersections with traffic signals out.  Typical arrogant and aggressive driving prevailed creating a rather dangerous situation.

There were NO police officers to be seen.  There weren’t even those short stop signs out that police put out when the lights are out.

So I tried looking up Newtown Township Police Department to let them know they needed someone out there ASAP.  Guess what?  There really isn’t a phone number you can call.  Every phone number to the police department I looked up had a recording on it.  Newtown Township  Police Department doesn’t want to talk to those they protect and serve, apparently.  They only want you to waste precious time calling EVERYTHING in on 911 which goes to Delaware County Dispatch which is MILES away.

This is why they need a non-emergency or alternate phone number that is answered.  Ordinary people don’t know what exactly constitutes a 911 emergency by the definition of a police department and we don’t want to get hollered at for phoning in something they do not feel is an emergency.  The other thing is when you call these county seat dispatch centers the people answering the phones do not necessarily understand WHERE you are calling from.

If Newtown Township Delaware County Police doesn’t want someone answering the phones in their station although you know there is always someone there, then their phones at night should feed into dispatch automatically and not make people feel like they can’t contact the police department.  All it would be is a simple call forward, and surely they can afford that? Especially with all the money the township will make selling themselves to Toll Brothers, right? Speaking of Toll Brothers, there were little red flags all around that intersection last night – you know like utility companies and others use to mark?  Did this development in progress have anything to do with the traffic lights failing at rush hour?