@eightyeghtkeys Twitter photo.

From @eightyeghtkeys on Twitter. Crazy flooding in Wayne, PA (Radnor Township).

South Wayne Avenue and Runnymede Avenues. Next is a Google shot of the area when it is normal as in not a monsoon:

The water was like that here yesterday too. And we expect more rain and there have been more thunder and lightning.

We are on a flash flood watch and friends tell me that there were crazy straight line winds yesterday in Paoli:

My friend’s photo two hours ago

Charging my phone up at Starbucks. Heard the chainsaw though out the night still no electricity. Not sure what happened but it was a straight swoop from Darby-Paoli to the back of the Paoili Acme. Maybe just high winds but giant trees taken out. Thank goodness no one got hurt as it happened around 5:00pm yesterday.

~ friend post this morning
@eightyeghtkeys photo from Twitter

Yesterday in my neighborhood the water was crazy and some of my smaller trees bent into U shapes, but fortunately did not break. A friend of mine had their tree split in half.

I really wish that municipalities, as well as Harrisburg would look at climate change in action and see how the storm events are affecting us. Because this is yet another reason why development needs to be slowed down. But hey, I’m just a mere mortal and a female.

Stay safe and dry today.

Yesterday my photo