in downingtown area school district, someone needs to fact check margie miller and those backing her….facts matter…

The crazy train stopped at Downingtown Area School District last evening at what should have been a lovely back to school evening.

And innocent LOOKING kindergarten teacher (but not employed by DASD), Margie Miller is once again the Fibber McGee candidate for DASD. She’s backed by Republican PAC Keeping Kids in School, founded by Clarice Schillinger who used to work for State Rep. Todd Stephens (R., Montgomery).

…But this PAC doesn’t care about facts or coloring outside the lines as they also back the WCASD candidates like the QAnon gal, #AnonymousAda, Ada Nestor who was in Washington DC 1/6/21 but Keeping Kids in School PAC don’t seem to be bothered by this candidate’s actions and squirrelly politics.

This PAC claims to be non-partisan but I call bullsh🤬t on that. And they should just be who they are, not try to hide who they are. I don’t know what the end game is for this political action committee (PAC) except to get Republican candidates in office which wouldn’t be a problem for me if they were backing sane, rational candidates because in Chester County they are backing the super screwy. Even the Philadelphia Inquirer has asked lots of questions about the QAnon and anti masker candidates and more so really, what do they want? Sister Wives for School Board? The Handmaids Tale candidates for school board?

So I have to ask where Margie Miller and “Friends of Margie” gets data?

Margie teaches kindergarten at a school NOT in a public school district (in essence private) and she is running on a platform to not raise taxes, right? It’s interesting that the increase in taxes being discussed is for an all day Kindergarten program for Downingtown students? She hasn’t offered a way to generate this revenue to fund an all day Kindergarten program that I can find and would a public school all day Kindergarten be a threat to her current school or something?

I have no problem with someone saying they don’t want to raise taxes, but when they essentially accuse someone of being solely responsible for any taxes being raised in the DASD they should offer alternatives.

So last night was a back to school event and Margie Miller’s pals blanketed all of the cars in a parking lot with their crap. And their crap is aimed at my friend, Rebecca Britton. And these people didn’t clean up the mess they left, which means school personnel had to, which means taxpayers paid for Margie’s Mess, correct? How is that saving money?

A back to school night should be about the kids, not Margie Miller’s selfish political motives. I mean my gosh one would think that Margie should have put as much effort into her campaign paperwork correct?

Yesssss….and is it true Margie Miller didn’t file her PAC paperwork on time so she was fined? So then is it true she not only filed the late paperwork but she only filed one page of the 17 page document? So yo’ Chester County Voter Services why did you accept incomplete paperwork? Chester County Voter Services when will a new letter of campaign violation be issued on bad paperwork?

This woman cannot even follow basic election laws, so does Downingtown Area School District really need this hot mess in office? IMHO that should be a resounding NO.

Margie I hope you are a better teacher than school board candidate but you have to wonder what you teach kids judging from your campaign actions? And who exactly is running you since you don’t ever seem to want to answer questions on your campaign Facebook page either but you (they?) delete any comment or question that makes you uncomfortable?

Dear Margie Miller oh gurrrllll, we’ve got your number. And my final comment is you would holler like a stuck pig if they blanketed your kindergarten parking lot with flyers from Rebecca’s campaign. Your behavior is disgraceful and if you were a kindergartner you would be in time out facing a wall wouldn’t you?

Folks don’t put DASD in time out, keep Rebecca Britton as a School Board Director in your Region 4.

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  1. As usual, you show yourself as a VILE member of our Chester County community. Do you even live in DASD? Have ANY children ? You dig yourself deeper into the nut house with every blog. Poor Rebecca Britton. You just knocked her down a few more pegs by stating that you two associate with one another.

  2. On August 7, 2021, school board members and other Pennsylvania officials took part in an online seminar hosted by a front group for America’s largest Marxist organization, the Democratic Socialists of America, in order to protect and defend Critical Race Theory (CRT).

    Aspiring, current and former school board members included Josh Laird (Adams County), Bill Wood (Avon Grove School District), Lisa Longo (Phoenixville), Rebecca Britton (Downingtown), Monica D’Antonio (Norristown), Elizabeth Dunn (Pittsburgh), and Jennifer Gross (School Director, Bucks County).

    The webinar, headlined “Our Revolution PA: Understanding Critical Race Theory”, was designed to help officials “rebut” objections to the false narrative that America’s institutions are inherently racist. “Join us, August 7th, for a discussion about Critical Race Theory. We’ll explain how you can effectively rebut this manufactured and opportunistic right-wing media talking point,” the invitation said in part.

    Throughout the event, Kimberle Crenshaw and Derrick Bell were featured on screen with the quote:

    “Through the study of law and U.S. history, [Critical Race Theory] attempts to reveal how racial oppression shaped the legal fabric of the U.S. [It] is traditionally less concerned with how racism manifests itself in interactions with individuals and more concerned with how racism has been, and is, codified into the law.”

    While the quote attempts to explain CRT, it makes the unconscionable leap that racism is embedded in America’s legal system. Attendees had difficulty defending CRT, and appeared to be much more comfortable bashing detractors by misrepresenting their objections. According to the CRT defenders, white people object only because they are afraid of demographic changes, losing power, losing money, etc.

    The problem that honest people have with Critical Race Theory and similar concepts is that they are entirely based on the dangerous false premise of systemic racism.

    In addition to Our Revolution leaders, attendees included:

    Josh Laird, who serves on the school board in Adams County, Pennsylvania,
    Zinn Education Project organizer Tamara Anderson, who teaches at West Chester University in the Education Policy Department.
    State Representative Brian Sims, who received national news coverage in 2019 for harassing an elderly woman, as well as a mother and her two daughters outside a Planned Parenthood in Philadelphia,
    Associate professor of history at the University of Pittsburgh Lara Putnam (who does not appear to have attended),
    Maurice Baynard, Visiting Assistant Professor, Critical Studies at University of the Arts,
    Karyn Hollis, a member of Our Revolution who teaches Critical Race Theory at Villanova University,
    Bill Wood, School Board member running for re-election in the Avon Grove School District,
    Lisa Longo, former Board President of the Phoenixville Area School District,
    Rebecca Britton, Downingtown Area School Board Vice President,
    Monica D’Antonio, Norristown Area School Board Director,
    Elizabeth Dunn, Candidate for Shaler Area School Board,
    Jennifer Gross, Quakertown Community School Director
    Critical Race Theory and similar doctrines are Marxist-devised concepts designed to harm America. It is not about teaching “real history.” If Critical Race Theory was really about teaching “real history,” than surely students should be taught about the racist history of the Democrat party.

    Watch the webinar and share with your friends in Pennsylvania:

    • What a glorious nutbag you are. You wouldn’t know an actual Marxist anything if it bit you on the ass. And why are we still talking about CRT? Not taught in schools. Teaching real history is teaching about all the good bad and the ugly, including you and your ilk. They will be teaching about you all some day too, and it won’t be flattering. Bless your heart you are banned as well. But thanks for leaving your IP address etc.

  3. Please cover up the numbers on the top right of that check. Those numbers can be used for fraud

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