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I broke the story yesterday about Wildflower Farm and I’m going to keep talking about it.

I was there today visiting (I was a guest in their home, nosy neighbors) and for 25 min a guy in a dark SUV drove back-and-forth in front of their farm to see who was sitting on their patio. I finally waved at him and called hello (loudly) and he went away. I guess a middle-aged white woman sitting on someone’s patio as a guest drinking a sparkling water is a threat?

Can I tell you how BEAUTIFUL and serene and peaceful Wildflower Farm is in spite of their neighbors? I walked through their magical woods and walked every outside row and every hoop house row of flowers. I am a gardener, I was in heaven. And their trees are awesome. Including things like native redbuds and Japanese maples that they have planted. I can also envision their fields alive with peonies and hydrangeas, too.

We talked gardening. I shared my gardening resources for bulbs and native plants. I also shared with them Chester County farms also that are small producing farms. Why? Because those farms and farmers are embraced by their neighbors, not absurdly reviled.

The majority of the neighbors on this street where they live have that extra special development mentality that I abhor. They sure are the types who should be living in a Stepford Wife Toll Brothers or similar development where everything is samey-samey cookie cutter and they can’t plant flowers, but the petty tyrants of homeowner associations reign supreme.

Wildflower Farm is zoned to be a farm. They aren’t throwing raucous parties 24 /7 they are a young family with two beautiful children who have a dream to have a farm and grow flowers.

They are an organic farm.

And what I saw today with the person in the SUV driving back-and-forth and back-and-forth and back-and-forth with my own eyes, they are experiencing harassment and must feel as if they are constantly under siege.

If someone chooses to live differently or simply, these pig-ignorant types of people find fault with it. It’s literally heart breaking that they cannot see the beauty here through the trees. But it’s like a blood sport to play whisper down the lane and to gossip inaccurately and cruelly about this young family? That’s Christian, God-fearing behavior?

The people who live in this neighborhood on Castlebar Lane where poor small farm is located are not all bad. But the majority of them seem so off the hook unpleasant in my opinion, it takes your breath away. I don’t understand how these people can do any of this with a clear conscience? They trespass on their property, they fly drones overhead to try to say they’re doing something wrong and they’re not, and for what? What do they gain?

A friend of mine (who lives on a farm) said to me that they don’t get these people who want everything big box and cookie cutter.

Take the neighbor on one side? Building this giant berm so they don’t have to look at them which is something that is so ludicrous to me because if I lived next-door I would want a clear view so I could see what flowers they were growing! They have totally cleaned up this property it’s beautiful, and it has the most gorgeous woods. You look at it and it makes you think like this is what Chester County is supposed to be.

What is happening to these people is literally insane. And the fact that one of the people giving them a hard time and filing zoning things and other stuff is on the planning commission in Willistown Township just blows my mind and then there’s the other people who have lots (as in empty lots of land) on the road but don’t actually live there who have been big for years with the Willistown Conservation Trust? And if you go through publications of the Willistown Conservation Trust you see other names also in this bizarre NIMBY situation? I don’t understand these people apparently farms are OK just not in their neighborhood but it’s zoned agricultural, it’s not just a residential area so I really don’t understand the pretzel logic? (And FYI the candidate for Willistown Supervisor who seems to be doing a lot of promising including helping their horrid neighbors? Remember THAT at the polls. Those who over-promise to everyone, never deliver but that is a separate conversation.)

Wildflower Farm deserves ALL of our support. They are up in front of zoning next week and Willistown and I have posted about it it is a public meeting and if you’re not a resident you don’t have standing so you won’t be speaking but you can go and support in solidarity. Especially if you are a FARMER.

The Willistown Township Zoning Hearing Board will meet on Wednesday, October 13, 2021, at 7:00 p.m. Sugartown Elementary School – Gymnasium 611 Sugartown Road, Malvern, PA 19355

The Heenans are the people we want as neighbors in Chester County, and in a time where every square inch is developed they are farming and growing wildflowers and are into native plants.

Willistown also has a regular supervisors meeting on October 11 at 7 PM which is also a public meeting. Charles E. Coxe Memorial Campus. 688 Sugartown Road, Malvern, PA 19355

Please lend these nice people your support. Supporting farmers benefits all of us. Their dreams should not die because they have the biggest bunch of jerky Stepford village neighbors ever created. NIMBY anti-farm hell. Petty tyrants. And that opinion is allowed.

Also they have a petition. Sign the petition please, but also please consider attending the zoning meeting, especially.






I would also say in the short term to think twice about donating to Willistown Conservation Trust. If these neighbors are the kind of people supporting them I don’t know about you but you really want to be around them? But I would encourage you to support Natural Lands, of course.

I love flowers. I love farms. I love nice people. So you know I am Team Wildflower Farm, are you?

#HateHasNoHomeHere #TeamWildflowerFarm

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  1. Can we get this on the NYTimes? I mean who can’t appreciate an organic wildflower farm?

  2. Is this basically about zoning regulations? Is the problem doing business in a residential area? Hope that is it and not anti farm or anti wildflower!

    • You would think EXCEPT they are zoned and permitted for their current usage. In my opinion it is a NIMBY form of anti-farm: farms are lovely, just not where we live. Big box development mentality

  3. Save small farms
    Let the young people try to survive and raise a beautiful family

  4. The problem on Chester County farmer support is that it is the same day/time as the Chester County Agricultural Council meeting.

    I am, however, doing what I can behind the scenes. It is the Chester County way.😜

  5. Supporters of the so-called “farm” are being led astray by snake oil salesmen. Probably, snake oil is the only product the property owners are not trying to sell at this commercial use. It’s fascinating that none of the supporters are subjected to the noise and traffic on this otherwise tranquil, lovely, residential cul-de-sac.The property owners advertise the property for private parties, events, workshops, and other activities that are not agricultural and certainly not a farm. From the beginning, it was intended as a party and event venue.

    • Oh goody a poison pen letter from “the informed”. No point in refuting all your ridiculousness, because you are just lying. The property is not advertised as a party barn, although one of the supporters of you NIMBY Nasties with checkbooks whom was banned recently from this site has one it seems? The noise and traffic comes from where? Now the follow cars for Radnor Hunt will park on Castlebar, because the hunt can come through Wildflower, so you hate Radnor Hunt now too? You can hear every party at Radnor Hunt from Castlebar, do you complain about that too? They are Saturdays seasonally 10 am to 2 pm. They have their own on site parking. It’s a public street, and I have been on it…NOT busy. You all just don’t want them there although they are allowed to do what they do. Do you even have the balls to stand up at the zoning meeting and spew your BS? Probably not. So you just site there and stew in your ignorance while I block you . Kisses

    • In all seriousness I ask you, “theotherside”, two questions: What do you think a farm is? and What is the legal definition of a farm in Pennsylvania in 2021?

      It does not appear that you have kept up with agricultural laws, regulations and definitions of farms in Pennsylvania of the last 20 years, let alone the last 5 years. “Agri-tainment” is a legitimate use for farming in Pennsylvania. If your attorney has not briefed you on this subject, a quick Googling of the Pennsylvania Vegetable Growers Association newsletter entries for the past 5 years on this subject should bring you up to date.

  6. I take exception to the term used ” pig-ignorant.” Pig farms report they are highly intelligent creatures

  7. They’re perfectly happy with Malvern Hunt and the thousands of people who come there! And the strawberry farm everyone loves. If they take this down what are they going to have there? Another hideous development with 3 cars per home and years of construction and noise .. with permanent increased traffic and more taxes to afford extra schools and expanded sewer? What are they thinking? Leave this legitimately operated farm in peace. Why do you think chester county ranks as a top place to live… Exactly because of places like this. If these crazy neighbors manage to get rid of these poor folks I hope they have a huge housing project that takes years and then adds all the nightmare traffic right next door that makes them sorry they ever started this nonsense!

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