easttown’s epic fail with new development

This is not a long post. Mostly visual. It shows a plan that is all wrong for this area.

When the plan first began in Easttown along Lancaster Avenue, the structure was purely penile.

Now it is hulking thing with a complete lack of human scale. The design aesthetic is also lacking. Given where it’s going it will remain lacking and look like an ugly institution when complete. And would anyone feel safe walking on the sidewalk in front of this building? How could you?

And these aren’t places people will stay in and raise families. This is housing that is transient, people stay a while and then move on. And none of these places are inexpensive, either. Once again it is yet another Chester County development project without any affordable housing units. And once again, I will remind people that affordable housing isn’t just subsidized or “section 8“ housing, affordable housing is also where people begin their lives with their first homes often in communities where they grew up, and move into when they want to stay in their communities as they age and have decided to downsize.

This project along with whatever gets built where Handel’s currently is will create a truly cavernous effect. Neither of these projects will reflect the community they are in, none of these monstrosities do anywhere. Urban canyons don’t belong in suburbia.

Did I mention how ugly I find them? Of course I have. And I know this post will provoke some comments of why do I think I can say anything about this etc. etc. To them I reply, I can say something because we all can express ourselves on these projects good, bad, or indifferent.

I have to say it’s no wonder Easttown Township doesn’t want their meetings televised or recorded. Then everyone would hear how the residents object to these plans and this township just does not even listen even when it comes to design standards.

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8 thoughts on “easttown’s epic fail with new development

  1. Completely, 100% agree. A walkable town now made worse because of this brutal, hulking mass that will dominate it.

  2. The facades of the majority of these buildings seem to be just that, a simulation. A commentator compared these constructions to Legos? Made of plastic plus easy to assemble and easy to flip? If the goal of planners is to make various towns like Malvern, West Chester, Phoenixville, or Kennett clones of each other, legos could be the way to do it. The greed of speculative land developers was a subject that architect John Lautner spoke about when discussing design and construction. The slow walk of municipalities trading away individuality began a while ago.

  3. The location of Fritztown and the proposed Berwyn Square create a traffic and pedestrian safety nightmare. Too many people and cars in a congested area. Really, what were the supervisors who voted for this construction thinking?

    • They were thinking as money from these developers pours into their campaign funds. As nature disappears, as traffic gets more unbearable, as runoff in bigger and bigger storms gets worse – they won’t care. They’ll be gone from the area, or dead – and they won’t care about their kids or grandkids suffering from what they allowed to happen.

      To these scum – it’s all about making money now, and to Hell with future generations.

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