enough already

Gosh, apparently I am a racist for questioning anything about the new Farmer in The Dell for Westtown?

Guess what? I am not a racist. I reject that as a label.

Everything doesn’t add up and water always seeks it’s own level.

This chick above wants to say that if you have questions you are tearing down a black owned business. I find that assertion on her part absolutely disgusting. And deliberately incendiary and divisive.

I have been tracking the comments. I watched on Instagram where they eviscerated a woman who not only lives in Chester County but lived a farming life for several years. She was not racist or anything remotely close, but Farmer in The Dell For Westtown allowed the people commenting to tear her apart and call her a racist .

I could post loads and loads of comments. Some good, some bad, some horrible. And there is a disturbing common theme with some comments: race baiting.

That’s wrong. I don’t care what your race, creed, or color is, it is wrong. And thanks but no, I don’t suffer from white fragility or white privilege. I can’t help the color of my skin, and that doesn’t make me bad or a racist. But it’s a great deflection tool in this scenario, isn’t it?

The message is clear even if that is not actually the intent: if you aren’t with Westtown’s New Farmer in the Dell, you’re against her. So is it you can only worship, you CANNOT raise or voice concerns about how things look (you know like the mowing issues), and you can’t say anything else? If you do, is there a shade of shade of inference none too subtly that anyone who has anything other than glowing praise and accolades is a racist? Come on, really?

And you wonder why I have zero desire to check out Farmer Jawn in Westtown and give them business at this point? I am not on the immediate bandwagon, therefore I am bad. And note, I am not saying racism doesn’t exist, it does. But I am not a practitioner.

I don’t see what this woman is actually bringing to Chester County that is positive in this moment. Hopefully it changes, and if it does that would actually and truthfully be pretty cool. The irony in ALL of this is I actually believe in her mission if it is indeed her mission. Food insecurity is a real is a real live issue, just ask Chester County Food Bank or People’s Pantry, or down on the Main Line, Narberth Community Food Bank and Ardmore Food Pantry just to name a handful of organizations who care and help.

And I actually support farmers in Chester County. But they are hard working men and women, and they spend a lot less time on Instagram telling everyone how fabulous they are. (Too much? ) And urban agriculture? It’s a good thing, just like regular gardening. But she’s in Chester County now, yes? Maybe as she asks we accept her, maybe she needs to work on some acceptance herself?

So screenshot chick and others, hope you didn’t turn blue on my account. That would be distressing. I also hope that your hate doesn’t eat you up inside. I can’t control how you feel, even if I feel it’s wrong, but you don’t have the right at attempting canceling other human beings because their opinions and questions don’t match yours, or perhaps neither their race, creed, and color.

And Grace? It’s earned. right now all y’all have earned is my disdain.

This is pretty much all I have today.

4 thoughts on “enough already

  1. I guess the only thing to say is the immortal words of one George Thorogood:
    “Everybody funny, now you funny too!”
    No matter what you do or say, there will always be people there to render a wrong interpretation. And they are convinced they are right.

  2. I’m scared to even comment bc of backlash. I am really hoping that everything works out with farmer jawn. Everyone in the area loved going to Pete’s daily for produce. The new owner posted an update about a week before they opened with no other information for people who had been patronized for years. After a whole summer of not being open and no updates people started to wonder if it was ever going to open. And she references Pete building his business up over the years. Except the first year of business when he had to build the store, was the only year he was not in the positive. So you have the advantage of picking up all of his customers the first year in business. I think everyone was just wondering for so long with absolutely no updates. Anyone can have a mission, you need to put it in action to see if it will work. I wish her the best! But anyone asking for status updates or why the weeds out front, where nothing is grown looked so horrendous for so long all summer isn’t automatically a racist..

  3. Hi. I’m Jenn I wrote the post you copied and are blogging about. I said nothing about you if you read the sentence or 2 i wrote about your page i spoke in plurals because i was talking about some of your followers, however if you would like to assign my words to you & defend yourself that truly says a lot about you.

    Anyhoo.. Farner Jawn is open & is a wonderful farm & with delicious produce & treats
    hopefully you can get over there and see for yourself.

    • You wrote a public post and threw me into the racist stew. You can word salad me all you would like, but your intent was clear and offensive. If you aren’t calling people racist then don’t call people racist, capisce? Not trying to be rude deliberately, but your words were to me.

      I also know you would like me to assign your words to me, but I reject them in their entirety. I am not actually defending myself because I did nothing wrong. But I am indeed calling you and some others out for calling people racists because they have questioned Farmer Jawn. I continue to question Farmer Jawn.

      Also, sometimes people are not actually followers, they turn up dependent upon the topic.

      Thanks for the note.

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