welcome to the neighborhood stove & tap!

I was psyched to be included in the first soft opening for Stove & Tap this evening. Tonight was the media opening and it was great to see Main Line Today, County Lines, 6ABC, and the always lovely HughE Dillon among others!

I will be back in a day or so with photos but just wanted to post something quickly this evening because I had SO much fun!

The owners and staff are the most gracious and welcoming of hosts, and were all so awesome. The decor is subtle and cool and I loved it. (They also have a nice ladies room!)

The food was delicious. The seafood towers were fresh and tasty, and other things I liked were the little sliders, wings, deviled eggs, and the hors d’oeuvres that were butlered throughout the evening. I also enjoyed the Nocino I tasted from Boardroom Spirits.

I look forward to going back and having a meal soon!

Everyone enjoyed themselves and it was so fun to see so many familiar faces.

Cheers to y’all at Stove & Tap! Welcome to the neighborhood!

8 thoughts on “welcome to the neighborhood stove & tap!

      • If they put the bar stools on the bar upside down before opening, they will likely do the same after opening. Personally I would not like to think of how many “bottoms” will come in contact with the surface I eat and drink from. We of course have little control over, I’m just suggesting a better picture might be in order.

  1. Sure the place is spotlessly clean, as you’ve stated “They aren’t even open yet”. So let me ask, what would you think, if sitting at a bar, a patron next to you had their infant in diaper sitting on the bar?

    • I’ve had enough of this thread of conversation. If you have a problem with their photos go to them. You’re being stupid truthfully and argumentative and why? What did they do to you?

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