the seemingly unending covid19 mess of it all

I don’t know about all of you , but this is so unnerving what we are dealing with. I am referring to COVID19. And 2020 in general.

As our communities struggle with how and what school districts are doing, many in our communities are making excellent points. Someone said to me if all school districts start virtually how are they possibly going to switch to in person? What is the magic combination? What is going to be different in October that they are suddenly going to feel it is safer? She said she felt that whoever goes virtual should be that way until January if not the end of the year, unless some schools actually go hybrid and it goes smoothly at those schools. She also pointed out a lot of schools which were contemplating hybrid are dropping off one by one.

Let’s start with the school districts who I think are trying but aren’t receiving consistent direction from any THEY answer to. First there is the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to deal with and then there are Federal politics of the United States Secretary of Education Betsy De Vos because face it, she is allowing herself to be used because of the election. Old Betsy wasn’t appointed for anything other than political reasons so how can you trust that woman to decide what’s best for America’s children?

I think literally everything the school districts are dealing with is conflicting information. Then of course, they are also dealing with the sub-level politics within each school district.

Common sense and being more realistic would keep everyone virtual longer but we are dealing with politics over people on every level. And then there are the people who either can’t or just don’t want to homeschool their kids virtually. Economics, jobs, personal choice. It’s a hot mess.

And the problem overall? I don’t think the districts ever had disaster plans to cover any of this. Who knows if they should or shouldn’t have, NONE of expected this, and face it, ever since COVID19 has landed none of us have gotten consistent messages or direction from leadership in Washington DC.

Top down from the White House, they have tried all along to suppress information because of politics. People are dying and they are playing politics. The White House has been playing their agenda at the expense of everyone else and to the extent of trying to discredit their very highly educated experts because the experts are telling them they have to pay attention and do better that this COVID19 global pandemic is far from over.

People I know have lost family members to this virus. Other people I know are separated from family members because those family members are in states that are like big giant hotspots of COVID19.

Someone I know told me yesterday that one of their doctors lost a colleague to COVID19. A surgeon in their 30s or 40s. Not old or sick. This doctor also got COVID19 themselves early on from a patient who did not know they were carrying the virus. As this one doctor recovered they needed physical therapy because the virus caused some kind of movement imbalance.

But I guess the point to this long rant is nobody knows what’s going on and we’re all playing catch-up. And we’re dealing with misinformation and withheld information.

And this virus is affecting the economy. Except I think what is actually happening is it’s pointing out that the economy wasn’t so hot in the first place. Now everyone can hop all over me about that but I spent my life in the financial services industry. I’ve been around as the wheels have come off before.

And the day before yesterday I had to go to the bank only my bank branch is closed for renovations so I had to go to a bank branch for my bank in a supermarket. I haven’t been in a supermarket since March before COVID19 hit officially. I almost had a panic attack as I counted the people who weren’t socially distancing and weren’t wearing masks and didn’t have masks on their children. And were also crowding me. I went home and changed all my clothes, got a shower, and washed my hands multiple times.

I wish I had the magical answers to this problem, but as someone who like many of us out there lives an immunocompromised life, this stuff terrifies me.

Other countries who have been serious about containing this are doing much better now. But the overwhelming problem in this country when it comes to COVID19 from education to just going to the grocery store safely is the politics in this country. The toxic freaking politics.

I just wish we could learn more about what is going on honestly with the politics of it stripped away.

So many people are struggling. Salary cuts, job loss, losing their homes to crazy acts of mother nature. You name, it 2020 is mind boggling.

How do we come together and survive this? How do we usher the children safely back to school? What is safely back to school?

I can tell you I have almost gotten to the point where I don’t want to listen to the news or read newspapers anymore. Like many other people, I have moments where I struggle with all that is happening emotionally. You have to wonder why it is we are all being tested? Is it to make us stronger, teach us a lesson, what? You have to wonder if part of the answer is philosophical or theological.

I don’t have any answers I just have thoughts on the whole thing. And I don’t know if my thoughts are helpful to anyone. But I felt the need to write this out.

I guess we just have to try to continue to soldier along as best we can and try to make good decisions and stay healthy.

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3 thoughts on “the seemingly unending covid19 mess of it all

  1. I have always been a Pollyanna type personality, but of late I am becoming somewhat depressed, like Michelle Obama. I do not see light at the end of the tunnel anymore and all news is negative. If there is a ray of hope one day, the next day it is torn down by someone who thinks their view is the right one. It seems fake news is all there is and no one can be sure of anything. I try to keep my hopes up but my heart and soul is beginning to get tattered.

  2. “… we just have to try to continue to soldier along as best we can and try to make good decisions and stay healthy.” Yes, I agree. This seems to be the only common sense, practical, life and health-preserving option that should work, right now. The idea of depending on any level of government to tell us what to do in this crisis, has always seemed to me to be impractical. There will never be a governmental decision that everyone agrees with. I believe that we need to take our own, and others’, safety and health into our hands and act according to what we believe is right, and also what we are able to do. Personally, having taught elementary school for 40 years, I always hold the children first and foremost in mind and heart. I also consider the teachers. (Yes, they are people, too). Honestly, to open the schools at this time is opening the door to potential disaster. It simply is not possible to maintain sufficient distance, keep everything sterilized daily, and teach/learn, all within the current physical structure of today’s schools. I do not have the answer for those who need to work and have no child care at home. But I do know that the answer is not to send them to school. Schools are germ factoreis to begin with, even in the healthiest of times. We need to just “soldier on,” and hope/pray that a vaccine is available soon.

  3. Rant on Carla, I am with you 100%!
    YOU, stay safe. I am not immuno compromised, at least I don’t think so…having no medical insurance for years now, but I am doing everything to stay as safe as possible. Those supermarket people who are not complying with social distance or PPE make me anxious too.

    My 2 cents regarding schools reopening… I would NOT send my kids .

    This country’s response to the pandemic has been pathetic.

    As always, thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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