upper uwchlan might as well be renamed toll town, right?

For reals, Upper Uwchlan? Another Toll Brothers development?

I mean seriously, how many more fields of plastic Troll houses does one municipality need?

This is on the agenda for this evening June 21. I’ve included what I found on their website and a helpful screenshot of some of the who is who in this Township, and don’t you find it fascinating that the township solicitor who is the township solicitor in a lot of other townships locally as well where big developments are pending including Troll Brothers?

Between the proposed use of eminent domain in East Goshen to the continued travails of “Berwyn Square“ or whatever they’re calling it now in Easttown, to Crebilly in Westtown, development of the week in East Whiteland, West Whiteland, and more, poor Chester County is going to cave into the ground from development and possibly even bad pipelines, right?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but figured people should know. Thanks for stopping by.

When will the madness end?

3 thoughts on “upper uwchlan might as well be renamed toll town, right?

  1. wholey caca! If you squint your eyes, you may see a different color in their topographic map…kinda sorta. Before I looked at the legend, I noticed there IS a steep slope. Do you have google earth? I wish I could send you a slight ‘birds eye’ view of the area…the acres of trees that will come down…not necessarily on the slope, but the removal of all those trees WILL cause problems…especially with Toll’s lack of consideration of the landscape, soil…etc. omg. It’s time to remove supervisors or council presidents…council members, Twp and Boro managers that have been there too long! Consider what almost happened in D’town and will soon happen …66 townhomes on a steep slope off Prospect.
    “Cross my palms with silver and I’ll do whatever you want!”
    (With apologies to Dylan Thomas, “Under Milk Wood”)

  2. There are no words to express my disappointment regarding this “proposal”(AKA a done deal?). My husband and I lived in Birchrunville through the 90’s. Despite a daily commute into southern New Jersey and a daily train ride for me to work at Pennsylvania Hospital. Despite dicey winter storms, I felt grateful to call West Vincent township home. After relocations to Houston, Atlanta and the UK, it was always our plan to return. When my husband accepted a position to work outside of Allentown, we focused our search in Glenmoore and became the “new” neighbors of Stonehedge. While it has been a challenge to accept the changes(please note I am being polite to call a blight of overdeveloped businesses a change.)
    No where would I have envisioned such a poor plan of 64 homes that will require access to Greenridge road, Font drive, and access to route 100. I understand the positives this will bring to the current landowner as well as increased revenue for Upper Uwchlan township. However, I cannot see anything but negatives to the existing residences. While I attended the first meeting, I can honestly say I did not feel that existing Stonehedge residents were being given a voice. After being told not to bring our pitchforks, but just be polite to Toll Brothers. I was not able to attend last evening’s meeting and perhaps that was a good thing. After speaking last week to someone who has been active in the French Creek land trust, I found out that East Nantmeal, West Nantmeal, and even East Coventry have developed plans to control growth, apparently our upper uwchlan is known as “upper ew”. I am not sure how transparent our township officials are being.
    While I do not own a pitchfork(?!), I do have a voice and this is not the time to welcome another blight of Toll Brothers homes. Furthermore, I do not consider the possibility of Toll Brothers providing us with streetlights anymore than laughable. After 64 homesites, we will have plenty of lights. Perhaps starting some “good trouble, legal of course is what our township officials need to adequately recognize the consequences of this “plan”.

  3. It has all taken a “toll” on my well being. How can all of this over development be allowed in one of the richest counties in America?

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