oh look mom, it’s freedom to be a jackass day in exton

Moms Against Suffocating Kids. You just can’t make this stuff up.

How about Kids Against Suffocating Moms?

First of all, personally I am too damn old to protest in the rain. Secondly it’s SUNDAY, don’t they have anything else to do? Thirdly what do they think will happen because they stood in the rain outside a mall on Route 100 at Route 30? Literally no one blink their lights or beeped the horns in support. The people in the car next to us were laughing hysterically.

Also there is that whole thing about respecting our beautiful United States flag and not flying it in inclement weather? So Captain America, do you not respect our flag enough? The flag, our flag, should not be subject to weather damage. Maybe that is an all weather flag, but still? There are actually federal guidelines. How is this even a flag-bearing occasion?

Honestly, you can’t make this stuff up. I would say they should volunteer on a pediatric ward for kids with COVID but who knows if they even have shots?

Shaking my head….just shaking my head….

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  1. I’m sure you watched the videos of parents in CA who choose to protect their kids by wearing masks being harassed by anti-maskers saying that they (the parents) have been “propaganda-ized” – anyone have a pot or kettle handy? interestingly, I find that the people who don’t feel an obligation or responsibility or even just concern for their fellow human beings’ safety and health, are usually the ones who are the most nasty and violent, yelling that they know where people live, making threats, etc. It is definitely getting to the point where it is impossible to have any kind of discussion with people who have dived headfirst into the conspiracy theory rabbit (rabid) hole

    • I agree with you. I have lost friends because, with their adamant stance, couldn’t have a discussion about our political differences. They would end up yelling at me for not believing their truth or truthiness.

    • Did you ever consider that some people have legitimate health reasons for not getting the vaccine? I have always got vaccines to protect myself. They do not protect everyone else. Everyone needs to worry about themselves and stop blaming others. we don’t know anything about other peoples health issues and we should be left to make our own health issues with our doctors. We are not all the same especially when it comes to health matters.

      • You exhibit pretzel logic. To beat a pandemic, we need herd immunity. And I never said I didn’t respect people with legitimate reasons NOT to get shots. You don’t find those people waving American flags in the rain and standing on highways protesting. Those are the people with legit medical exceptions who do what they need to do quietly. We are not all the same when it comes to anything, including opinions, yet you want to judge me for thinking these people are absurd? Nice double standard. LOL

  2. Come on Carla, let’s not name-call, hm? All that does is turn up the temperature for everybody and that serves nobody. The women pictured are peacefully holding signs with which you may not agree and are not disruptive or calling names, behavior which you have called out before, so I’m simply suggesting we ALL take a break. As to Gwen’s comment above, I have noticed that those on the side of masking seem to engage in behaviors some might call baiting, only to decry the very behavior their baiting elicits. WITHOUT TAKING A SIDE AS TO MASKING/NOT MASKING, I simply ask that we ALL display the behaviors we’d like to see from the other side–we may never agree, but wouldn’t mutual respect for one another’s right to peacefully express an opinion make the world a more pleasant place? Yes, you have the right to express your opinions, whatever they are, but it’s my personal and respectful opinion that bloggers/journalists, etc. all have an implicit duty to turn down the temperature and thereby increase the quality of dialogue among all of us if we are to remain the UNITED States of America. Just a thought…

    • You are allowed your opinion but I will name call in this instance. I think they are wrong. My duty is to my opinion here. I live an immunocompromised life permanently, and I do not respect who I feel put kids at risk

    • This is Carla’s blog. I’ve seen much worse on other blogs. One, in fact, tried to prove a person was the worst ever, lies all the time. This blog owner absolutely hated the person. Until The Person came to The Blogger’s defense…

      Again, this is Carla’s blog. It doesn’t belong to a group of people.

      • Sarah: Just because we’ve all seen much worse doesn’t mean I don’t have the right to mention that it would serve us all better if we just don’t call names–disagreement itself is fine, just please, no name-calling. If one side can do so, we all can do so, and I just don’t see any upside to name calling for ANYONE–except to feed the divides among us. Also, I have enough respect for Carla to expect something better than name-calling from her…so-called “hate speech” isn’t a one-way street and I have defended Carla myself when nasty words have been directed at her …I’m just pointing out that we ALL have the opportunity to raise the quality of the dialogue. At the end of the day, Carla can and will do as she chooses.

      • That is true Chris and I will always appreciate your honesty, and truthfully your support and friendship. Sarah is also an honest and thoughtful person. and Chris, I agree we all have the opportunity to raise the quality of the dialogue, but to call out hypocrisy isn’t a bad thing. And truthfully? These are people I don’t wish to have a dialogue with. It goes far beyond not agreeing with them. I’m tired of them because they just expect that their opinion is the only one that matters in this particular conversation. And I don’t agree with that.

  3. Anyone that is for masks are obvious one of the sheeple. They do not work. In fact they are Counter productive . They can cause lung infections etc. you have the right to wear a mask, but mind your own business with those who do not chose to wear one

    • Oh yes I was on a public road and when I see something right in front of me I’m not allowed to comment? Get a life

    • The mask does not cause lung infections. An air conditioner that is never cleaned and mold is taking over the insides can cause lung infections. A mask, properly worn, cleaned often, or, tossed at the end of the day will NOT.

      People who still believe in democracy and a democratic form of government do have jobs.

      In Japan, people wear masks immediately when they are ill, as does their whole family. It’s done to protect others, not just themselves.

      I looked up the word counterproductive to see if your accusation of us mask wearers is correct.

      “..tending to hinder the attainment of a desired goal. “ “violence as a means to achieve an end is counterproductive.” “…having the opposite of the desired effect.”

      It seems to me that you, and others, are like that South Pacific bird that flies in ever-decreasing concentric circles until it disappears up its own ars

  4. Observations from this post:
    You’re old. Wow, what an argument against a peaceful protest.
    You’re judging how these people are using their time, yet you spent the time to write up this blog. Who cares how people choose to use their time? That’s their choice.
    You wouldn’t know if they got honks in support unless you stood with them for 1 ½ hours. I was told they got a mix of support and the finger (as to be expected in liberal Chester county).
    It wasn’t raining. Yes, it was wet and chilly but they were not standing in the rain. (I don’t see any umbrellas, wet hair and not everyone is even wearing a jacket.) Which means they were also not breaking any flag code. The flag was respected. It was flown as a symbol of freedom.
    I’m not sure how 5 or 6 people holding signs/flags peacefully (and they have every right to) is acting like a jackass. Sounds like you were triggered and are just flat out being unkind and name calling. All of your points are grasping at straws or not legitimate. You can have a different opinion but it’s how you are sharing it that is the problem with this post.

    • OMG you are priceless! “liberal” Chester County . Aren’t you predictable. And because I’m offering an opinion and saying I don’t like some thing or I think certain kinds of people are ridiculous I’m triggered? You don’t even know the definition of triggered. And I can share this opinion anyway I choose. Buh bye Jane, just another Karen

    • “Liberal” Chester County?!? LOL

      Well, we know who you love to hate, “Jane”, – those “libs”. But tell me – does that include real conservatives too – the ones who follow science? Or do we get put up against the wall the next time there’s a Jan. 6th type of event (or a bigger bloodbath)?

  5. I see your point and I’m starting to understand. We created the best vaccine in history. But you can still get sick and possibly go to the hospital. Unvaccinated people and vaccinated people can get you sick. We wear masks because we are scared of the wacky unvaccinated people. Getting covid from a vaccinated person is ok. These people are filling up hospitals and taking valuable resources from people who really need it. The only mask that we can buy or ones that do not prevent transmission of disease, but it’s better than nothing. We are obviously not doing enough. All people over the age of 60, kids under 12 and people who chose unhealthy lifestyles and now have compromised immune systems need to stay home and remove themselves from society. We have no room or resources for these people. At least until everyone gets the greatest vaccine in the history on mankind. Do your part and STAY HOME!!!

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