hey usps and louis dejoy, where’s the mail??

This was posted by a friend today:

I hate to sound nostalgic (AKA old!), but I fondly remember when the USPS managed to deliver mail REGULARLY. We — and our neighbors — have had no mail delivered since Tuesday, and that batch included only some of the mail that had been scheduled to land on Monday, when our carrier was also a no-show.

Because you can receive a daily email from USPS that shows images of what is scheduled to arrive in your box each day, it has been rather unsettling to see how many items qualify as missing. Well, the mystery has been solved.

This morning, my husband decided to pay a visit to the actual post office, after efforts to contact a human by phone went nowhere. A worker explained that the postal manager for the West Chester region issued an edict recently to deal with the agency’s short staffing: surreptitiously skipping delivery days. She said the office needs 80 carriers to handle the load: It has 40. As a result, she said we should expect to see a delivery every 2 or 3 days.

I guess the idea of notifying customers about the worker shortage wasn’t part of the plan. Would it really have been too difficult to put a notice in people’s boxes on their lucky delivery day? Perhaps some publicity about this problem would help solve it. Sigh. End of rant, but curious about whether this is happening in other areas.

~ Chester County Resident # 1

Now this is the second such tale in less than a week.

I have you on my mailing list but my mailman hasn’t been seen for five days. I was told that he had health problems but there were no replacements. Also, PO closed in town. So I will try for Christmas card instead.

~ Chester County Resident # 2

My second friend lives in the Borough of West Chester. She works from home and is self employed and well…mail is kind of essential.

So Louis De Joy you plastic arsehole, where’s the mail? Santa might want to deliver the Christmas cards himself I guess?

It’s time for Washington to deal with this. We need our mail. This is happening all over. It’s bullshit.

5 thoughts on “hey usps and louis dejoy, where’s the mail??

  1. It’s not just a USPS problem, Carla. Here in New Zealand our postal deliveries have been cut from 6 days to 3 a week. I had a parcel from Australia sit in a depot in Auckland for 3 weeks before it was put on the truck. Even then it took another 4 days before it was actually delivered. 🤷‍♀️

  2. The real problem is worker shortage. UNFORTUNATELY, the baby boomers are retiring and fewer folks to work. Second problem is our social welfare system is too good. We have to stop paying able bodied people to stay home. Finally, Saturday is not “technically” a busines day, so home delivey should be suspended.

    • Well, and that’s the thing I would not be in the least upset if there was no mail on Saturday. And if how we get, our mail is changing because of a lack of workforce. Then they need to have an actual plan instead of this haphazard thing that just upsets people and communities all over the country.

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