crumbling by the highway


Next time you are a passenger in a car, pay attention to the sides of the road. It can be fascinating.

Take the Schuylkill Expressway, for example. It is dotted with abandoned and derelict structures. Looking for them helps break up the annoying traffic jams….but only if you are a passenger. No sight-see driving, please….

These two photos can be seen on either side of the highway when you are headed east towards Philadelphia.

The green roofed structure is some sort of crumbling mill building. It is somewhere along the river between Gladwyne and West Conshohocken. The roof caved in this winter.

The thing that looks like a 18th century farmhouse probably was. I am not sure of its exact location, but I think it is Gladwyne – it is on the other (non-river side of the Schuylkill Expressway) adjacent to the eastbound lanes.

There are buildings like this alongside many highways. I always wonder what the story is. Route 202 between Chester County and Delaware has structures like this too.

These buildings are the forgotten and abandoned. Have you seen buildings like this? Do you know any of their stories?