remains of days gone by

Chester County, like her neighboring counties used to be a farming seat. Acres and acres of fields as far as the eyes could see. Cows, horses, sheep. The landscape dotted with old barns and farmhouses. Sounds of fields, being plowed, or crops being brought in, and more.

Dairy farms were a big part of Chester County. Now all we have for the most part are memories of the farms that used to exist before development and before developers drove up land prices, making farmers unable to keep their land for future generations, like their fathers and grandfathers before them.

Now, for the most part, the memories we have are of those great dairy farms large and small are old glass milk bottles. I have little pint sized ones on my kitchen windowsill. I use them to root plants and hold flowers.

I really don’t think that government and politicians no matter what political persuasion really value farming anymore. Just like in Pennsylvania I don’t think they value the way we want our communities to look, as opposed to being stampeded and trampled by new development that feels like it arrives every minute of the day.

What once was hangs on in little memories like when you come across the little bottles. Here’s hoping people eventually wake up before all is lost. Yes, we do need some development, like it, or not for us to move forward. But there is simply too much of it. It has become a problem. It is destroying us.

Remember those fresh vegetables you love do not grow on the roof of Whole Foods in Exton, nor do cows and horses and sheep and goats and more graze there.

Happy Sunday.

3 thoughts on “remains of days gone by

  1. I am sad too. My 30 years in C Co has seen many changes. I am glad I am +85 yrs old so I will not see too far into the future, the demise of the green valley and hills.

  2. I am more concerned than ever about the out of control building in Chesco. What can be done to put a hault to all of it? Our land is being gobbled up and I have real concerns about no land being left for farming.

  3. As a fairly new resident in West Chester, I’m amazed at the amount of building. There are those two dense developments on Route 30 in Exton and I saw another one from 202 in Frazier. And further away by Honeybrooke, it’s good bye farm, hello new subdivision. Where is food to be grown? Scary.

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