retro and vintage girl scout items


Country Living Magazine on page 13 of their March, 2015 issue about Girl Scout memorabilia. They said:

We’ve been spotting retro Girl Scout items camped out everywhere, from flea markets to our own CL Fairs. Now it’s your turn! Post your finds on Instagram, and we’ll share them throughout March. Don’t forget to tag photos #CLSCOUTSIGHTING

I happen to have my mother’s Girl Scout handbook from 1947. When she and my father downsized from a large house to an apartment after my dad got sick with prostate cancer there was a lot of stuff that was slated for a junk pile. It happens when you go from house to apartment. I saw this book in such a pile and took it home with me. I thought it was sweet. I have had it ever since.

Over the years I have contemplated getting rid of it because I was never a Girl Scout and what am I going to do with a 1940s edition of a Girl Scout handbook?IMG_3419 It almost bit the dust a few years ago when I moved from the Main Line to Chester County, but seeing my mother’s signature in her little girl handwriting with her address on inside flyleaf of the book make me just put it into yet another packing box and now it is back in a bookcase. My mother was 12 when she inscribed her handbook.

Anyway I just thought it was cool that they were talking about vintage and retro Girl Scout items. I guess they must be collectible now or something, or gaining in popularity. It doesn’t matter to me either way as this to me is just a cool little piece of family history.