do not call means what exactly?

What does the “Do Not Call” list mean?  Why should we bother to add ourselves to it if on a state and federal level if telephone solicitors ignore the lists anyway?

They call the home number, then one by one the cells.  And every number is on Do Not Call Lists.

And did you know in Pennsylvania they only add telephone numbers to the Do Not Call list four times a year?  Yes, that is right.  As automated as our lives have become in Pennsylvania they can’t seem to push the buttons to update the Do Not Call List but four times a year.  And oh yes telemarketers are supposed to purchase the list and scrub their lists if your phone number is on it.


HA!  I can tell you that although we are on the state and federal Do Not Call Lists we are being inundated, yes inundated.  Good thing our phones have the option to block calls.

And the other annoying thing about telemarketers?  They now use technology that displays phantom phone numbers – as in the number they are calling from is not necessarily the actual number.  And if it is a robo telemarketer call you have to call them back to get added to their supposed Do Not Call List…and then they just call you again anyway. Or they can’t speak standard English or English at all.

From bogus breast cancer charities I then blog about ( I have discovered two – Breast Cancer Prevention Fund and Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation ) to energy de-regulation to alarm systems for the hampster to lowering my credit card interest rate (only they never seem to call from my credit card company), I am sick sick sick of the calls!

I say the Do Not Call Lists are not doing their job because government really doesn’t care if we are called to death by telemarketers or not.  Yet in Washington DC and states across this great country, government worker bees are being paid to do just that.

As Jeff Rossen reported for NBC in April the other issues seems to be these telemarketers IGNORE the Do Not Call Lists:

Rossen Reports: Telemarketers ignore Do Not Call list

It’s illegal for them to call once you’ve signed up — but some keep calling anyway

We’ve all been there. You’re eating dinner: The phone rings. It’s a telemarketer trying to sell you, I don’t know, an alarm system, a credit card — anything. So you sign up for the federal “Do Not Call” list, and they’re supposed to stop calling: It’s the law.

But, officials say, more and more telemarketers aren’t listening. We tracked down one of the companies that may have called you.

‘They just won’t stop calling’ In an unmarked office in Dallas, we found telemarketers hard at work. It’s a big business — with, apparently, a big payoff. We spotted the boss’s bright yellow Ferrari parked out front with the license plate EARNED.

But this operation is not the only one making telemarketing calls. Companies from Texas to the Philippines are dialing millions of numbers every day, trying to get you on the line….

And it’s getting worse. Federal officials say telemarketer complaints were up by 600,000 last year. “I told these folks I’m not interested, my numbers are on the Do Not Call list,” Bigham said. “I don’t want you to call me again.”

Here’s the bottom line: If you sign up for the National Do Not Call Registry, it is illegal for telemarketers to call you. If they still want to call, they need your written consent.


Here are numbers calling right now: