wow…so real housewives of them

crap“The Scoop on Breasts”? REALLY?

Sorry, this is one of those things that drives me batty: the fact that so many people seem to feel that the only way a woman is sexy is if she supersizes her bust line and does other plastic surgery augmentation. If not that Botox beauty.  Or Juviderm to go.

You name it, a woman isn’t beautiful unless she has been sliced and diced and maybe had a glycolic peel or three.

I am a breast cancer survivor who had a partial mastectomy.  I am a little lopsided now but so what?  That bit of lopsided means I am alive to write this post.  I am also a woman who decided to forgo hair coloring and am graying here and there and you know what?  Less chemicals is beautiful. I think I am relieved to not have to spend the next however many years worrying about unnecessary chemicals and wondering if hair color makes me look fake.

I am not a bra burner by any stretch of the imagination but to infer (either directly or indirectly) that women are only beautiful if they consider boob jobs is just wrong. And ask your doctor how they have to manipulate breast implants for mammograms some time.

I have no problem with oh so pretty lingerie or a real bra fitting – that is a very valuable service.  But a book signing which is in my opinion just existing to sell more boob jobs? How does that help a woman’s self body image to send the not so subtle message she needs a boob job to be beautiful?

Ladies, you want to celebrate your sexy? Be self-confident in who you are and revel in it.  Be yourself.