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Two great ideas.  One I wrote about, one I just found out about.First is a cash mob. (You can read my piece on )

Second is a Daily Salvo video below about a Lower Merion Township Commissioner named Lew Gould who wants parking meter use suspended on Saturdays to help small businesses during a bad economy.

Anyway, at bottom check out Daily Salvo video, but right now, check out a little piece I wrote on something called a Cash Mob.  A cash mob would be perfect for Chester County Book and Music Company.  After all, maybe they have an interest in staying open given the survey on their website.  A cash mob descending on Chester County Book and Music would give them cash, and possibly much-needed media and public attention – but Chester County Book and Music Company can’t organize their own cash mobs, a customer would have to do it.  Or a business district authority or chamber of commerce if one exists in  and around West Goshen.

Flash mobs inspire Ardmore cash mob

By Carla J. Zambelli

You heard of flash mobs? Now there are cash mobs.

Flash mobs have gotten a bad name when they’ve turned into riots, but cash  mobs are all about supporting the community. They are a way to give back to a  small business by making purchases of at least $20 during a cash mob event.

“Cash mobs have definitely evolved from flash mobs,” said Suzanne Obzanski,  director of marketing for,  “except   members of a cash mob show up  and mob a store with cash. It  is a grassroots,  community-led movement that inspires community members  to shop in locally-owned  stores instead of big-box retailers.”

One was held Thursday in Ardmore. Karen Toole-Ebbert, a community  volunteerism enthusiast from Belmont Hills, called Sherry Tillman, owner of  Past*Present*Future, a high end craft and hand-made items gift boutique, to see  if she was game.

Tillman was ecstatic to be chosen as the recipient of Lower Merion’s first  cash mob.

“I was mobbed, baby!” Tilman said. “I was thrilled to be the business  selected.  It brought a lot of people in at one time, creating a fun shopping  experience.

Click HERE to check out the cash mob page for LM & Narberth. Learn more about the cash mob movement:

Here is The Daily Salvo video: