who can tell me about this house??


This is back in the Coatesville area. Valley Township maybe or Caln but I do not know for sure.  Maybe Wagontown? Maybe on 340? I remember passing a Turkey Hill and there is some pub place near it. It was not long after getting off 30 bypass.

You know me and boarded up houses.  They have a tale to tell so help me tell it.


Post addendum:

Noted local historian Catherine Quillman tells me the following:

I will send you a photo but I believe it’s the house next door (which someone mentioned as being restored). I just gave a lecture to West Caln and people were sort of vague about it. Your photo shows more windows than the one in my photo from the historical society. Anyway, before the Lancaster Road took over the main Lancaster-Philadelphia route, the King’s Highway (route 340) had many pre-American Revolution taverns along it.

The road was actually developed by Peter Bezellon, the Canadian French trader whose trading log cabin was reportedly what is now the famous Downingtown log house. The early court at Chester (Upland) asked Bezellon to develop the road since he knew several Indian dialects (he was later accused as being a spy during French & Indian war).

Anyway, the road was called “Peter’s Road.” There is a marker near Coatesville that calls him the “founder.”….These photos are from Carstairs Pierce collection at Chester County Historical Society….she was a “Chester County rambler” back in the 1950s and 1960s and she took photos of every former tavern she could find. She calls this tavern the “Sign of the Wagon,” which gave the West Caln Township hamlet its’ name Wagontown….

….Note that this tavern looks slightly different than the house you posted. However, it’s really strange that two 18th-centure “Georgian style” with the windows above the penteve would be right next to each other….


Here are the photos:

This is the  house being restored on this road people are talking about:


It looks amazing!

Here is the sad house again: