a very aggressive robo-caller

These are literally screenshots of the calls I received all in a row from the same number starting at 9:48 AM.

This isn’t some collage I created off of like two photos, this Robocaller aggressively called me literally multiple times in a row until I could get the number blocked on my phone.

I answered the phone the first time because I have friends that live in New York. It was a New York number.

The voice the greeted me on the other end of the phone was heavily accented and after murdering my last name announced that he was calling me about “unsecured debt”. I said I am not interested please put me on your do not call list and hung up the phone.

They called back. Before I disconnected the phone I could hear a whole tirade of four letter words in a heavily accented voice.

They call back a third and fourth time before I was able to add the number to the call block list. They tried to call back after the phone number was blocked and have not called again.

I called the FCC and registered a complaint about this number. We get Robocalls all the time like most people. But I’ve never had them call me back multiple times in a row after hanging up on them the first time.

It is super easy to report numbers like this to the FCC. See the screenshot:

The number that called me was 929-338-1849. (See NoMoRobo hereĀ https://www.nomorobo.com/lookup/929-338-1849 )

Don’t make the same mistake I did by answering the phone. Especially since this is a Freaky Friday Robocaller who apparently doesn’t like being hung up on or asked to put a number on a do not call list.

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Our numbers are registered on state and federal do not call lists. But in the age of Indian and Pakistan and Philippine Robo calls it doesn’t seem to matter. And yes, these are a lot of the countries who perform a lot of the Robocalls for people in the United States.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 was passed by Congress with the intent to stop the crazy harassing phone calls and prevent slezoid companies from harranguing Americans on a daily basis. You can check out more on the FCC website.

Have a great day!