where is the customer service, iris usa?

UPDATE: heard back from company, finally. They are replacing the broken containers. That is what I wanted and what is right and fair.


I had ordered six 30 quart weatherproof containers made by a company called IRIS USA.

I might as well have just thrown my money away!

IRIS makes terrific containers. But they do NOT package their products well for shipping. I ordered a set of six and I will in the end have only TWO which are usable because they were shipped with no padding or packing, so they broke before they reached me. Some had broken lids some head broken bottoms where is a little black hinges were broken off the containers. I have a whole pile of plastic shards.

I can’t believe that a company like this doesn’t get that you can’t ship containers without any padding or packing especially in the winter when the colder temperatures make the plastic more brittle !

I have been in contact with their social media customer service people on Facebook who assured me days ago that someone would contact me from their company and make good on the containers that I did not get to use because they arrived broken.

Yet days later, nothing. Not even an email.

Yesterday I was told via a Facebook message that everyone is extraordinarily apologetic that no one has bothered to connect with me and they will look into it further. Yet all I am hearing is crickets.

I contacted them via email and have heard nothing, I resent the email a second time today.

I also called their corporate offices and all I got was a voice mailboxto leave a message for customer service, not an actual person.

Customer service to me is a big deal. I’m not asking for free stuff I’m just asking them to make good on the order that I initially placed. My order was for six containers, and given four were broken, I just want the four broken ones replaced. Otherwise I am throwing money away.

If you see their containers in regular bricks and mortar retailers, they make great containers. But don’t order them online from IRIS since they don’t know how to ship them properly, and their customer service is not what it should be.

The photo that is the last photo on this post is what the containers are supposed to look like. The other two photos show what I actually received. I had bought these to help better store some of my Christmas decorations.

Buyer beware.

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