bermuda craft market and other bermuda fun


A long overdue post prompted by amazing customer service even after I had long since left Bermuda.  In July, we were in Bermuda.  One of the places I visited was the Royal Dockyard at King’s Wharf Bermuda because that is where our ship docked.

Two of my favorite places in Bermuda were the Bermuda Arts Centre at Dockyard and the Bermuda Craft Market.  Located in Dockyard and very close together (the Craft Market is in the old Cooperage building and the Art Centre in a neighboring building close to it. And if you go, also make time for one of the oldest pubs right there at the Cooperage called the Frog & Onion Pub. They do delicious old school fish and chips served the proper British way and have quite the beer selection as well as some of the nicest t-shirts you can purchase as a tourist.

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The Arts Centre has a lovely book section as well as absolutely amazing plein air paintings for sale. If you are a fan of the plein air style you won’t be disappointed.  I especially liked the art of Michelle Smith, Christopher Marson, Heidi Cowan, and Christopher Grimes.

Now onto the excellent customer service.  When I was in the Craft Market buying some things to bring home (sherry pepper sauce and beach glass earrings from Morrell Designs) their Internet had a blip – Bermuda is an island in the middle of a rather large ocean, right? So my purchases were doubled.

The Craft Market corrected their mistake immediately and last week took the time to call me to make sure the doubled charges had dropped off my credit card statement as it had on their bank reconciliation report. I was there mid-July.  That is amazing customer service when people take the time to call over one month later just to be sure.

Not to be overlooked, but Craft Market is also home to a cigar roller named Grant and the Bermuda Cigar Company.

Another place to visit for local crafts would be the Dockyard Glass Works.  They have some predictable tourist stuff, yes, but also some amazing glass orbs and vases and things. They also make these feathery light glass snowflakes for your Christmas tree.

This was a relatively short trip to Bermuda, courtesy of a cruise ship, so I will have to hope to go back at some point in the future to explore more.  But because I like supporting local artists and craftspeople I wanted to make sure I posted about these places.

I was not compensated in any way for this post, nor did I receive special treatment as a tourist.  These are places I discovered on my own along with the National Museum of Bermuda which is also right there in Dockyard.  Enjoy the photo sets.  The photos at the bottom are of the National Museum and the old fort. It was super cool to explore.

Thanks for rambling briefly to Bermuda this morning!

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