dinner in exton

Last Friday my guy and I had a date night.  We went to the Duling-Kurtz House Restaurant in Exton.  A jazz singer I adore named Phyllis Chapell was doing a couple of sets in the bar/lounge.

Duling-Kurtz has an impressive albeit very overpriced wine list.  Their menu is expensive, but what comes out of the kitchen is delicious.  We had an awesome waiter who knew his menu and was knowledgable about food and wine in general in a very nice and conversational way.

The bar area where we listened to jazz had a small bar and lovely tables that were appropriately spaced so as to not be on top of your table neighbors.

The problem really with the lovely and romantic Duling-Kurtz in Exton is that it is incredibly dated.  Not the decor, as in the crowd.  We were like the youngest by at least 20 to 25 years, and heck, we’re not gen X-ers.  It was isn’t-that-your-grandmother’s-bridge-partner old and wow-he’s-still-alive-old.

Duling-Kurtz is a restaurant that is lovely and romantic with a beautifully executed menu. And they have jazz nights with excellent acts like the uber talented Phyllis Capell.  They would do well by trying to cultivate a younger crowd for the restaurant, not just who might be staying at the inn.

I hope the inn keepers are not offended by what I have written, but Duling-Kurtz is a place where I would love to meet friends for jazz and dinner and the average age of the crowd would have my friends wondering if there was Canasta and Mahjong on the Lido deck where all would be sipping Lydia Pinkham-tinis.