“X” marks the spot for spammers and budding porn stars?

Dear Elon,

I know you’re a busy guy. There’s Tesla and making Twitter into X Marks The Spot and all, but not all of us enjoy spammers and budding Internet porn stars and all their fake accounts and whatever on the bot front.

Now I am a Twitter OG. I actually joined Twitter more than two years before you did. I was amused at Twitter even when it was 140 characters or less.

I’m not leaving Twitter, but Twitter in the end could leave all of us if you drive it all of the way into the ground correct? Unless there is a Twitter revolution and people take over and put you out of your company or something? I mean where is Gordon Gekko when you need a fun corporate takeover, right?

So I’m going to sit back with the popcorn and see what happens, but I thought as a good longtime resident of the Twitterverse I should point out these lovely accounts.


Love, me