don’t mean to be bah humbuggy…but


I don’t mean to go bah humbug, but I need to remind people how the blog works.

As opposed to people like Sarah Lockard, aspiring Main Line Diva wannabe and chatelaine of and many other bloggers, this is not a monetized blog. I don’t charge you a bunch of money for five little instagrams and an #adorbs tweet and so on.

I write when the spirit moves me. Or I post photos and recipes. That is the formula: what hits me for whatever reason. There is no other method.

If you want to reach the blog for OTHER than a comment on a specific post you can use the private message function of the Chester County Ramblings Facebook page. I can’t post everything, but try to look at everything for consideration.

I don’t mind helping out in the community but I would prefer comment sections of specific posts not be hijacked for other commentary that is non-related . I don’t want to be put in a position where I delete comments.

Also understand it is but a few days until Christmas so my time is more limited than normal.

Thank you so very much for reading Chester County Ramblings and Merry almost Christmas!!!

And if any of you ladies out there are looking for festive Chrsitmas flats, I will be consigning two pristine pairs of Mootsie’s Tootsies at Charmingly Linda’s in Frazer over the next day or so.