you know what? social media in general would make a great taylor swift song.

Rachael Romero art (2011)

People. People are strange. People are ridiculous. And for as many good things social media does, it is also a breeding ground for the unpleasant. And plain old nuts.

Keyboard warriors. Keyboard tigers. Keyboard critics. Trolls who project that you are the troll when they are telling you what for.

People on social media would truly make a great Taylor Swift song.

I like Taylor Swift. Yes, I actually do. I did not always, but when Folklore was released in 2020, I became a fan of her music.

Anyway….every damn time one of the Keyboard critics starts, I giggle because I hear Taylor Swift Anti-Hero, Shake it Off, or Karma. Hence the title of this post. I wonder if she lurks in closed Facebook groups laughing as new lyrics come to mind? Seems like the perfect place.

People are utterly ridiculous. Here have a scroll:

So the one who thinks I am a fan of Stepford Wives for Totalitarianism? I think she may have seen this (below or next) and ummm thought this was praise?

I don’t quite understand what their issue with me is other than apparently I am a bad person, because I am white and straight. And apparently had the privilege to grow up here. Here where?

I do not judge anyone on how they identify or what their sexual preferences are. Yes, I am white and yes, I am straight and last time I checked that is not a crime anymore than being whatever your heart tells you to be.

I did not actually grow up in Chester County. I actually grew up on the Main Line and earlier childhood in the Society Hill section of Philadelphia, which of course will make more people hate me than ever but that’s on them. I can’t control their feelings.

But I didn’t grow up with a proverbial silver spoon in my mouth just an average middle-class family, not that it is anyone’s business, except I choose to share it to prove the point of how screwed up people are on social media.

Who said I was the “voice “ of Chester County? I am but one voice, and apparently this angry voice is also a voice, but I’m not responsible for them. If I am the “voice” truthfully that is a sad sorry state of affairs…I mean great for my ego but lacking reality so that is a giggle too.

And oh, the irony of them thinking I love “mothers for liberty .” I don’t. I actually abhor what they stand for but whatever to each their own. This person has a serious lack of reading comprehension. Keep your crazy on your own page. And the potty mouth too.

And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
I shake it off, I shake it off

Next comes the woman I asked one simple thing of. Literally one little comment. Please keep the posts garden related. This woman wanted cooking posts in my gardening group. I want the gardening group to stay gardening. I think she was looking for popularity given the comment about deleting her comment although many people liked and commented?

I mean LOL. It’s my dictatorship and it’s a censored group. Alrighty.

And I keep my side of the street clean
You wouldn’t know what I mean

I think that is one of my favorite things ever on social media. If you REMOVE someone’s word salad as a page or private group admin you are a BAD, BAD girl. Rules of a group don’t matter. The fact they are a guest in a group or page because it’s not theirs doesn’t matter.

All Hail The Queen. God that’s funny. Am I a Queen? Maybe I should be, so who has a spare tiara or crown?

Next comes kind of basic but plays a lawyer on Facebook. Wants to curse in a gardening group. You know: plants, flowers, sunshine, happy? Sign, another one who flunked basic decorum.

It’s me, hi, I’m the problem, it’s me
It’s me, hi, I’m the problem, it’s me
It’s me, hi, everybody agrees, everybody agrees

Come on people, aren’t you exhausted?

“I’m special, rules don’t apply to me, why can’t I post whatever I WANT in the group you created and volunteer to keep running? I WANT TO SPEAK TO THE MANAGER!”

And this is in addition to people just not liking anyone else’s opinion in general. Conversation is a lost art form on social media. Conversation is almost a lost art form in general.

The craziness in life mimics social media or the craziness on social media mimics life. Not sure which.

All I know is my tolerance for this behavior is decreasing. If these people think they can do everything better, mazel tov. But do everything better on your own page. Start and manage your own group.

But until then, All Hail the Queen. And don’t tell Al Gore, but I actually invented the Internet….and remember, I am not and never will be your social media mommy….