judgement day in west vincent

Hmmmm.  Seems like someone had better sell more  cheese?  So yes, it’s Judgement Day in West Vincent and it seems that some certain supervisor might want to consider the whole “judge not lest ye be judged” thing of it all?

What is behind Curtain Number OneCurtain Number TwoCurtain Number Three?

The irony of the photo I found and (it links back to Philly Homegrown) is it shows Sue Miller.  Hmmm, wonder what they did to get this super posed shot?  I don’t recall any of them being this pleasant the whole time they have been at Bryn Mawr Farmers Market.  I swear this woman in the photo was the one who was kind of rude to me the one time I tried to buy a little something from them.

You see, when the Millers come to market in Bryn Mawr they price for what they think Main Line prices should be.  Truthfully, their prices are worse than what I see in farm markets in the Hamptons.  Birchrun Hills Farm is incredibly over-priced in Bryn Mawr.  (The irony is that if you go to some other Farm to City Markets some vendors price differently from market to market and of course that is incredibly dumb because a lot of us patronize more than one market in season.)

The other thing about Birchrun Hills Farm is they make such a big deal out of their blue cheese.  Personally, I think it has the consistency of rubber and about as much flavor.  If you really want to taste excellent local cheeses try Shellbark Hollow or especially Yellow Springs (Yellow Springs really is front and center in goat cheese in my opinion.)

So, I wonder, since Mr. Miller purportedly partially farms on township i.e. taxpayer farm land does he offer residents a cheese discount ever?