the beginning of snowy 2010: snowpocalypse and snowmageddon

Now I am remiss in talking snowstorms if I don’t mention the first couple of weeks of February, 2010 (February 5th and 6th and February 9th and 10th) which was crazy and I took TOO many photos.

I was living on the Main Line then and we never lost power. The plowing however, left a lot to be desired. It always amazes me how wonderful the plowing is out here in Chester County, yet on the Main Line, not so much even with the fleet of plows compared to out here.

I will tell you that it was a couple of weeks in a row where people were just forced to slow down. And it was fun trudging around in the snow and seeing neighbors because there wasn’t much else to do because it just took days for us to get plowed out from the first storm . And then the second storm hit.

When you can’t go anywhere, yet you are warm and safe in your home you just have to hit the pause button. And I have to tell you it wasn’t a bad thing to hit the pause button. It was just a LOT of snow.

And I guess I did my snow posts out of order for 2010, but I will close with a shot which was something you also don’t see every day. You don’t see route 30 or Lancaster Avenue with nothing on it. One more decade storm post to come…