chester county making international news over escaped murderer danelo cavalcante….who is STILL on the loose.

According to the Daily Local yesterday, Danelo Cavalcante is actually the SECOND prisoner to escape this year? (How and why come to mind.)

There are NO updates I can find this morning except for people reporting helicopters all over Pocopson area again. Sadly, escaped prisoner is not a good look for our Chester County DA running for judge although it’s not her fault the prison is not keeping track of prisoners. Unless of course this was somehow planned? And if the prison is enough of a mess, are residents who live around the prison safe going forward?

And people seem surprised he’s still out there. From a why hasn’t law enforcement found him yet, maybe except if this guy was used to South American jungles, this heat might not bother him. And if he is short in stature he can hide like a kid.

They have helicopters but what about K-9 units?

This is like a Taylor Sheridan TV show come to life….