grow your own salad


I must admit I find it just as much fun now as I did when I was child to literally grow my own salad! My tomatoes are finally starting to come in properly. I had an issue with blossom end rot earlier in the season but corrected it with Epsom Salts. Some of the tomatoes pictured below have been turned into a delightful summer salad with cucumber, onion, fresh basil, and a simple vinaigrette.

The lettuce I bought in started packs a couple of weeks ago when my friend Sara and I made our last journey up to Black Creek Greenhouses in East Earl, PA. I plant my lettuce in pots and it’s a combination of arugula and romaine.

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quick toss pasta


Simple pasta recipes are usually the best. This one I am sharing with you is not rocket science, it was sort of what I had left over to cook with one night.

I boiled pasta of my choosing according to the package directions. When it was ready I drained it but did not rinse and tossed it into a bowl with the following:

Garlic powder
Salt-and-pepper to taste
Couple healthy dashes of dried oregano and basil
Olive oil
Hot red pepper flakes
Fresh grated Parmesan cheese
About half a package of washed and dried baby fresh arugula

I just tossed it all together. It ended up being a fabulous combination.