mmmm more decent mexican in malvern


I love Mexican food. And now that we have tried them a couple of times, I thought I would mention El Charro Negro which is terrific for take-out and delivery.


Their website does not work but their location is 524 Lancaster Ave., Malvern PA. Their phone number is 484-356-1281 and you can find their page on Facebook. The food is not fancy or overly complicated, it it’s just good.

I am especially enamored of their tacos, which are delicious and fresh. They use small soft tacos which seem to be homemade and they are in the style of what people refer to as “street tacos”. I also really like their guacamole and pico de gallo. Both come with a side of chips which are also homemade and delicious. My one comment about the guacamole and pico de gallo is that they could spice it up a bit it needs more cilantro and and a little more heat from a fresh jalapeno. Both are extraordinarily fresh but a little bland for my taste. But then again they could be doing that for the American palate because a lot of Americans don’t like super spicy food.2015/01/img_2907.jpg

Their burritos are huge and so are their enchiladas and other things like that. The food is very fresh and thus far has not been particularly greasy which is terrific.

They are open seven days a week 7 AM to 9 PM so you can also get breakfast. They offer free delivery on $20 or higher orders as per their menu. Give them a try. The only thing I’m not crazy about is if you spend $30 on a delivery order they give you a two point whatever liter of soda. We’re not big soda drinkers and one of the local Chinese restaurants does this too. I would rather have chips and salsa or something like that instead of a soda. But I’m assuming that is a promotion having to do with Coca-Cola. They also serve Mexican soda.

Anyway, give it a try so they stick around a while.

And if anybody has discovered pizza it’s consistent, feel free to post a comment. Athena in West Chester on Paoli Pike is too hit or miss and one of the brother owners is horribly rude and uncaring if you happen to have order issues and get him on the phone. Toninos in Lincoln Court Shopping Center where the Giant is on Route 30 in Malvern/Frazer can also be inconsistent, the food overly salty, and it’s wicked expensive.

We don’t do a ton of takeout/delivery but it’s nice to have options which deliver. And the delivery services are not so hot and expensive. Once you get out of the vicinity of the borough of West Chester delivery is also something hit or miss.

Thanks for stopping by stay warm and dry today it’s miserable outside.