it’s not best buy, it’s worst buy?

I have to say no one should bother with Best Buy because their customer service and delivery is the pits. And I will tell you why.

One of my best friends ordered a new washer dryer stacking combo from the Plymouth Meeting PA store. The store was fine, but let’s talk about their delivery people.

With regard to delivery, first there was an understandable cancellation due to snow.  But instead of giving them a delivery priority AFTER the snow, they just shunted this family to the back of the line. And when they finally showed up they arrived without the right install stacker kit (or whatever you call the pieces that make a set “stack”). Did they come back with the stacker kit? That would be a NO. They instead left my friend’s new washer and dryer sitting in her dining room and made it all the customer’s problem.

So my friend has three kids. Which means A LOT OF LAUNDRY. So there was all the time at the laundromat, the fact her husband had to go find the proper stacking kit at one of the Best Buy stores and subsequently hire someone ELSE to install it because wait for it…..Best Buy customer service and delivery people couldn’t be bothered making it right!    My friends even had someone to take the old washer and dryer out of the house to make it easy when Best Buy people were SUPPOSED to come pick up the old set. Best Buy could not even do THAT and for Easter my friend’s guests and family were greeted by dead appliances in the driveway… know what everyone wants on a holiday when they are hosting friends and family. A Hillbilly Holiday.

I told her honestly she should have used Sears or a local appliance store in the first place and I will certainly never use Best Buy personally after this horror show.

I have dug up some comments (people are from ALL over the country) I saw posted on social media regarding Best Buy, so I know my friend is not alone. And she is one of the nicest people so I am indignant on her behalf.  Best Buy did not even offer to compensate her for her additional costs and time!  Smart customer service would have apologized and offered a gift card equal to what they paid for having to go purchase the install kit and hire someone else to install and gotten someone out to her home ASAP today to pick up the old appliances. But no…they didn’t.

I will note my friend said the people physically in the Plymouth Meeting, PA store are super nice, but these are things outsourced to faceless customer service people and whomever does their deliveries.

Here is also what I dug up regarding executives of Best Buy, because when you call corporate ((612) 291-1000) , they are super unfriendly and will basically not transfer you to executive escalations. So this is what I found (in addition to

At the end of the day, this is WHY it is so good to SHOP LOCAL.  There are plenty of excellent businesses who sell appliances.  Yes, maybe you will pay a little more because they are mom & pop or regional but at least you get good service.  I will also give a plug to the Sears Outlet. We have used them several times and they have been terrific.  We have also used Queen Appliance and they are terrific.On my own in years past I have also used D & K in Newton Square and I love them – they are old school.  I also used Gerhard’s once.

There are options.  Even Home Depot and Lowe’s aren’t bad.  I guess I just do not get how Best Buy stays in business because I never hear positive stories about them any more.

The moral of this story is shop local because Big Box can be a Big Bust, or at least that appears to be a regular occurrence with Best Buy, unless of course all the negative reviews are figments of customer imagination?