her name is gussie and she will be going home (owner located)

A knock on my door five minutes ago, and now my lost pal having a spa day at the Chester County SPCA has a name and a home.

Her name is Gussie.

The owner ‘s name is Pam and she is a local Zumba teacher in East Goshen and will be coming to Chester County SPCA tomorrow to pick up Gussie .

I have never been so happy to meet a neighbor in my life.

I warned her that Gussie’s photo was everywhere.

I am so happy that Gussie is loved and just got out and will go home.  She has a brother dog named Chubbs who is so unbelievably cute (he’s a little fella).

Pam, the owner, adopted her many years ago from the Delaware County SPCA, and the chip in her is not Pam’s.  I guess it was the owner that originally surrendered her.

See what paying it forward does?  You put something positive out there and look what happens?  Dogs like Gussie find their way home.